Cities, Towns, Villages in Seville Province

Seville is the largest and most densely populated province in Andalucia. Its capital city, Seville is also the capital of Andalucia. The province is favoured by the presence of the Rio Guadalquiver that flows through it from east to west with the mountains of the Sierra Morena to the north. At the city of Seville, a major port 70 kilometres from the sea, the river bends south, passes through the Donana and into Huelva Province. A large part of the province lies on the fertile deposits of the Rio Guadalquiver, not surprising then that agriculture has always been of great importance. Even though most of the province is farmed, Seville manages to have the largest Natural Park in Andalucia, the Sierra Norte de Sevilla Natural Park. Here you can explore mountain paths wending through lush Mediterranean vegetation. It also has the reputed hottest place, Ecija, known as ‘The Frying Pan of Andalucia’. Romans, Moors and Christians have all been here and contributed to the architecture, customs and gastronomy. The famous Spanish fighting bulls are bred here and graze in fields studded with ancient holm oaks.

Cities, Towns, Villages
Iglesia de San Pedro with replica Giraldo Tower
Cities, Towns, Villages
Seville the City
Seville City Municipality
Seville Panorama

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