In Depth articles about Andalucia

There are many aspects of living in Andalucia that do not fall neatly into a ‘province’ category. History and events that affect the whole area, the ever popular gardening series, even Off Beat, the ramblings of a retired police Officer. So here you will find all those articles that do not fit anywhere else – enjoy.

Phoenicians in Andalucia
Where they came from
Modern Byblos
Phoenicians in Andalucia
S.W. Iberia becomes a magnet for eastern traders
Phoenician ship
Phoenicians in Andalucia
East meets west
Phoenician Town of Castillo Doña Blanca, Cadiz
Phoenicians in Andalucia
Phoenician expansion in Andalucia
The main rivers of Andalucia
Phoenicians in Andalucia
Growing competition
Greek and Phoenician colonies 550BCE
Phoenicians in Andalucia
The Carthaginians arrive
The western Mediterranean 264 BCE
Phoenicians in Andalucia
The Phoenician wreck of Mazarron II
Mazarron II

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