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Butterfly Park


                                                A moth inadvertently lands in a patch of mud. It extends and beats its
                                                wings frantically to try and release itself, to no avail, both wings
                                                became stuck in the ooze, and the moth dies. 190 million years later, in
                                                Dorset, England, the fossil of the oldest known moth in the world was
                                                found. In the intervening years, 160,000 species of moth and 17,500
                                                species of butterfly evolved. Each is distinct from the next with colours
                                                and patterns that have evolved as defence mechanisms or as
                                                camouflage to hide the insect from predators, and each has evolved a
                                                unique relationship with particular species of plants. This ecologically
                                                balanced environment has been recreated in Benalmádena. But first
                                                an answer to that burning question, ‘What is the difference between a
                                                moth and a butterfly’?

   6                                January 2019
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