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SKINCARE for men

        2018 was the year that skin care for men suddenly became trendy. Three
        treatments epitomise the direction the modern male is taking as he moves away
        from the macho man image to a much more comfortable persona. Modern man
        demands treatments that are quick and easy to fit in with a busy lifestyle.
        Men need skincare products designed specifically for them since their skin ages in
        a different way to that of women’s. Up until the age of 30, men’s skin is firmer than
        a women’s. At this point, both experience a loss of firmness but men will see this
        occur more sharply until the skin firmness stabilises around 40-50 years of age.
        While men’s skin, on average, retains a greater amount of collagen than women’s,
        once wrinkles start showing up on men, they form more quickly and deeply.
        While men’s skin shares the same structural and physiological characteristics of
        women’s skin, it also has unique characteristics, making it essential to use
        treatments specifically tailored to a man’s needs – hormone production in
        particular. In men testosterone, the main male hormone is secreted in large
        amounts and greatly influences how a man’s epidermis and dermis function. A
        man’s skin secretes twice as much sebum (oil) as a woman’s skin, contributing to
        higher pH levels than women’s skin and an abundance of collagen fibres that
        results in a support layer that is supple and toned and a dermis that is 24-32%
        thicker than a woman’s. Men also have a higher number of capillaries that can
        cause redness, flushing and under eye circles.
        Women have discovered the secret of keeping skin looking younger.
        So why shouldn’t men?
        Rejuvenating facial skin has become a priority. Masking products
        designed specifically for men provide a deep cleanse. Rough skin, oily
        pores and skin irritated by shaving no longer have to be endured.
        Putties and lotions are typically applied for fifteen minutes.
        In La Cañada, Marbella men can now enjoy a facial at the same time
        as their barber shaves them and trims their hair. An increasing
        number of hair salons are offering this service.
        Finally, more men are regularly using moisturisers. Whilst the
        product is similar to that used by women the brand names are
        radically different with names such as Bulldog, Aesop and Jack
        Black Double Duty. Designed no doubt to appeal to the man that
        has not completely abandoned his macho image.
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