Mr Henderson's Railway by Nick Nutter

Mr Henderson's Railway

Mr Henderson's Railway

'Mr Henderson's Railway' is the story of a remarkable enterprise undertaken at the end of the 19th century by the British in Spain. The railway connects Algeciras with Bobadilla through some of the most difficult terrain in the world. The stretch from Algeciras to Ronda is famous as much for its majestic scenery as for the engineering proficiency of the men who built the line. Once completed villages previously all but cut off from the outside world found new life and markets. The line and complimentary passenger ferry from Gibraltar to Algeciras also connected Gibraltar with the rest of Europe for the first time in 200 years an objective welcomed by the British but not always by the Spanish. Visit Andalucia travelogues are much more than just guide books. They explore and illustrate in graphic colour the subject and the place. They are for people who are not satisfied with what they are told from the top deck of a tour bus or from the guides supplied by the tourist office.

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