The Rock from Bottom to Top by Nick Nutter

The Rock from Bottom to Top

The Rock from Bottom to Top

'The Rock from Bottom to Top' is the story of Gibraltar written from the perspective of the visitor. It explains how Gibraltar came to be, ‘Probably the most fought over and most densely fortified place in Europe, and probably, therefore, in the world’ (Field Marshal Sir John Chapple (Governor of Gibraltar 1993 – 1995)). It looks at the very beginning when Gibraltar was a peak overlooking a desiccated basin that became the Mediterranean Sea and the first human inhabitants, the Neanderthals. The visible signs of succeeding peoples, Phoenicians, Romans, Moors, Spanish and British are examined in a tour of 'The Rock'. All the major attractions that make Gibraltar a tourist destination are covered together with some of the less famous sites, all placed in their historical, social or geographical context for the benefit of the curious traveller that wants to know just a little bit more.

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