La Costa Restaurante in Almería

1 Michelin Star


Find us at:
Avda. Bulevar de El Ejido 48
El Ejido

tel: +34950 481 777
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Opening Hours
13:30 hrs - 16:30 hrs 21:00 hrs - 23:30 hrs Closed on Sundays
The restaurant La Costa, located in the town of El Ejido, opened its doors in the 60's. Its cuisine, based always on working with the freshest produce of the sea of ​​Almeria and vegetables of El Ejido, is seasonal. Its owner and chef Jose Alvarez earned the recognition of a Michelin star in 2006 and enjoyed since. There are three independent environments, a tavern where you can taste elaborate tapas, an informal dining area to enjoy the succulent gastronomy, and a dining area where you can taste the star dishes. We have an extensive wine cellar, full of a great variety of the best wines. The staff will advise you and you will enjoy the perfect combination of drinks with your meal.


Fresh Seasonal Produce
Gastronomic Experience
Elaborate Tapas
Local produce from El Ejido and the Almeria Coast
Extensive Wine Cellar

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