Route of the Caliphates

The Moorish period in Spain is often hailed as a period of enlightenment, a period when people of all religions and racial ethnicity lived together in harmony, a period that saw the introduction of new and exciting advances in medicine, agriculture, art and other sciences, overseen by a benevolent series of caliphs. As ever, some of that is true, some is propaganda inspired by politicians of the time and later politicians ‘spinning’ for their own ends, and some is just downright wrong. Our journey, from 711 AD to 1492 AD, attempts to show a balanced view.

The Caliphate Route combines the most important cities of the Moorish era in Spain, Córdoba and Granada, both in Andalucia, with the valley of the Guadalquivir river and the fertile Vega.

This is a journey through the history of a region shaped by 800 years of the Moors. Between Córdoba, the ancient capital of the Caliphate, and Granada, the last refuge of the Nazarí kings, we find a hill territory with many castles and towers. Stories and legends tell about the long period of battles and conquests in the heartland of the Spanish-Moorish era. Join us on our ‘Route of the Caliphates’ and discover the real Muslim Andalucia.