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Our Story

Julie and Nick came to live and work in Andalucia in 1999. Both have a passion for travelling and exploring new places. They found that Andalucia had hidden depths; wide open spaces, deserted mountains, tiny unvisited villages, a unique history, and a culture that has its roots thousands of years in the past.

Wherever they went they found fascinating stories that begged to be revealed to the world.

After developing and selling three successful businesses on the Costa del Sol, they decided to publish their knowledge of Andalucia, to inspire more people to visit, or even live, in this most diverse of the regions of Spain.

Visit Andalucia was born in 2015. It emerged from a joint realisation that well-informed, local advice and information on Andalucia is not easy to find, even in this digital age. What Julie and Nick want to do is to share their experience of Andalucia and the experiences of successful businesses with you, to give some ideas on their style of life with the aim to help you find the benefit from many pleasures that Andalucia has to offer.

Using their skills as website designers and programmers, they put together a website that combines history, geography, travelogue, businesses and people that is rapidly gaining a reputation as the ‘go to site’ for Andalucia.


Both Nick and Julie were born and raised in Lancashire, one of the wettest parts of the United Kingdom. Julie attended a private school followed by work in a hospital and then moved into Information Technologies when she participated in the ‘teach the teachers’ government programme to educate the population. Nick went to a grammar school before serving in the Fleet Air Arm and the Police force. After leaving the police he moved into IT and met Julie.


Moved to Puerto de la Duquesa and opened a Business Centre.


Realised Andalucia was a lot drier and warmer than Lancashire.


Started Andalucia Life.


Sold the Business Centre in Puerto de la Duquesa.


Founded a new Business Centre based in Estepona Port.


Sold our successful magazine, Andalucia Life.


Sold the Business Centre in Estepona Port and considered retirement but boredom set in.


Created Visit Andalucia website. Started to compile data.


Julie and Nick married.


Visit Andalucia website launched as a Regional Information Site.