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Andalucia Lockdown Rules and Restrictions on Travel

Lockdown rules in Andalucia

Keeping you up to date on the lockdown rules in Andalucia

Unless otherwise mentioned these rules apply to all the provinces in Andalucia, Almeria, Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaén, Málaga and Seville.

The Andalucia Health Department planned vaccination network

Click on this link for the interactive map of Andalucia that shows the Covid 19 risk in each municipality in Andalucia and the restrictions that apply. (TIP: right click and choose 'Translate to English' when you get to the map)

Click on this link for: How to book a place in a quarantine hotel and arrange coronavirus (COVID-19) tests if you're travelling to England from a country on the banned travel list.

Click on this link for: How to arrange coronavirus (COVID-19) tests if you're travelling to England from a country NOT on the banned travel list.

Click on this link if you have private medical insurance and want the Covid injection

Updated Friday 19th June 2021

Wearing of Masks

The President, Pedro Sanchez, announded on the 18th June that an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers will be held on Thursday the 24th June to vote on a proposal that the wearing of masks outdoors should end on Saturday the 26th June.

Andalucian committee of experts

The Andalucian committee of experts met on the 14th June and made two momentous decisions to modify the existing restrictions due to the 'High Incidence Rate Of Infections.'

Decision 1: Ice cream may now be sold until 1am.

Decision 2: Alcoholic beverages may not be sold or served after midnight.

Updated Thursday 3rd June 2021

Opening of Retail Outlets during summer

On Thursday 3rd June 2021, the Junta de Andalucia announced that in municipalities declared 'a tourist venue', more retail establishments will be able to open on Sundays and holidays during the summer period, 2021.

The new ruling applies to commercial establishments over 300 square metres since those with a surface area less than 300 sq mtrs may already open on Sundays and holidays. The 35 tourist municipalities have a popuilation of less than 100,000 and must meet certain criteria, that the number of overnight stays per year is greater than 10% of the population or that this percentage is reached for at least three months per year, that the number of visitors is at least five times greater than that of neighbours.

Designed as an incentive to the tourism industry, this new measure will be applied in the 35 tourist municipalities currently declared by the Ministry of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration, of which nine belong to the province of Malaga, seven to Cádiz, six to Huelva, four to Granada, four to Jaén, two to Almería, two to Seville and one to Córdoba.

Unfortunately, the notice does not give the names of the municipalities.

Updated Thursday 20th May 2021

Parts of Almería, Málaga and Cádiz provinces go to Level 1

This is what we are all aiming for, Level 1, presumably the last level before total release.

Large parts of Almería, Málaga and Cádiz provinces were declared Level 1 today. But what does that mean?

Level 1 Rules

PUBS & DISCOS: The closing time will be at 2:00.
Consumption, outside or inside the premises, will be done sitting at a table, or groups of tables, keeping a distance of at least 1.5 meters.
The capacity will be 75% indoors, with 8 people per table, and 100% on terraces, with up to 10 people. Bar consumption and small-format performances are allowed indoors and outdoors, with a distance of 3 meters to the public.
The great novelty is that you can dance outside with a mask.
CELEBRATIONS: A maximum capacity of 75% is allowed indoors with a limit of 300 people in closed spaces.
Tables can have up to 8 people. Outdoors, a capacity of 100% is allowed, with a maximum of 500 people and ten per table.
Bar and buffet consumption is allowed.
There may also be small-format musical performances, maintaining a distance from the public of at least three meters, allowing dance activities with the use of a mask in outdoor spaces.
SHOPS: The capacity rises to 100% of the allowed, but maintaining a safety distance of at least 1.5 meters.
MARKETS: They can have 100% of the capacity, as in level 2.
POOLS: They must maintain an interpersonal safety distance of 1.5 meters, with a capacity of up to 100%, both in outdoor pools and in indoor pools.
BEACHES: A spatial distribution is recommended (delimitation of zones like last year in many beaches) to guarantee the minimum safety distance of 1.5 meters.
WAKES & BURIALS: They will have a maximum of 30 people outdoors and 20 people indoors.
At the funeral or entourage for the burial or cremation of the deceased person, the capacity will be restricted to a maximum of 50 people.
ATTRACTIONS: It is allowed to be installed with a maximum of 75% occupancy if they have seats and 2/3 of the total capacity if it does not have seats but the distance can be saved (1/3 if distance cannot be saved).
Verbenas and pilgrimages: Its celebration is not recommended.
CINEMAS, THEATRES & CIRCUS: 85% of the maximum capacity is allowed, leaving one location unused as a separation.
Groups of a maximum of six people.
An authorization will be required for shows of up to 400 spectators indoors and 800 outdoors.
BULLFIGHTING EVENTS: They can have 60% of the capacity, with a separate location and groups of a maximum of six people.
TOURIST ACTIVITIES: The hotels may have a 100% capacity in the exterior common areas and 75% in the interior ones.
For activities with a guide, groups of 25 people are allowed and 30 if they are activities in nature.
SPORTS: Sports are allowed with a maximum of 20 people indoors and 25 outdoors.
For competitions with public, there may be 1,500 spectators indoors and 2,000 outdoors.
PUBLIC TRANSPORT: 100% occupation of seats and 75% of standing places.
CHILDREN'S LEISURE: in leisure establishments for children, 50% of the capacity is allowed indoors and 60% outdoors, with groups of a maximum of 20 children.
CHILDREN'S PARKS: They will be open with a maximum capacity of one person for every 4 square meters. Groups for directed activities may be 25 people.

So, there you have it. Excuse the grammar, this is a direct translation of the Boja so I have not tried to interpret any ambiguous or unclear statements.

This page was becoming unwieldy, with information that was no longer pertinent. I have left in the important points and links. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Nick

Updated Monday the 10th May 2015

End of state of alarm on Sunday 9th May 2021

The state of alarm is over. It is now up to regional authorities to enforce future measures. Only villages with a population over 5,000 with infection rates over 1,000 will have their perimeters closed and a court order is required to implement this measure. You still need to check the map using the link above, to ascertain the level for each municipality.

Andalucia is aiming to return to normal in three stages. This first stage, lasting until the 31st May 2021 is called the Stabilization Phase.

The Andalucian border and provincial borders are now open. Make sure if you travel to another region that you are familiar with the rules at your destination.

The curfew is lifted although the wearing of masks remains obligatory.

Other measures are:
Bars, cafes and restaurants can now remain open until midnight with up to 8 people at tables inside and 10 at tables outside
Bars with a music lcence can stay open until 2am
Concerts, theatres, cinemas and bullrings can reopen with seat spacing depending on the current level of risk in that town
At beaches and swimming pools, a spacing of 1.5 metres should be kept between groups. Individual town halls may issue special instructions.
Celebrations are limited to between 50 and 300 people inside and 75 to 500 people outside depending on the risk level of the town.

Latest and Breaking News - Friday 23rd April 2021

Information for people over 75 who have not been cited for COVID-19 vaccination

The health areas and districts throughout Andalusia are activating different phone numbers to answer questions from people over 75 who have not yet been called to vaccinate.

Servicio Andaluz de Salud Help Lines

Connect to the help page, choose your province, select the correct telephone number for the place you live.

Latest and Breaking News - Tuesday 6th April 2021

Slipped through the net

Covid Injections for those with Private Health Insurance

It was a simple question. 'I have private medical insurance and a green residence certificate, will I be informed when I can go for my Covid injection?' Thank you Denise. The answer turned out not so simple. There is a provision made for people in that category. First you must complete and print a form. There is a link to it here. Then you take it with your TIE or green certificate of residence, an impadronamiento certificate dated within the last three months, and your private insurance card or certificate, to your local health centre. Take copies of everything. You will be put on the list and dealt with when your age group is due for the injection.

End of State of Alarm

Pedro Sanchez, Spain's president, has announced that the State of Alarm in Spain will end on the 9th May 2021. Autonomous Communities will continue to make decisions regarding restrictions of travel, curfews etc. based on decisions made by the Interterritorial Health Council. On May 9 the Interterritorial Health Council will have full powers to establish possible measures against the virus without having to abide by the State of Alarm decree. So, in Andalucia, the state of alarm may be over but we have no idea yet if restrictions are going to be lifted or eased.

Register of Refusals to take Covid-19 Vaccine

Another piece of information that 'slipped through the net'. It was on the 28th December 2020 that Spanish Health Minister Salvador Illa appearred on La Sexta TV answering questions about the epidemic. He mentioned that Spain is to set up a register of citizens who refuse to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. He said, 'What will be done is a registry, which will be shared with our European partners … of those people who have been offered it and have simply rejected it,’ he added, 'It is not a document which will be made public, and it will be done with the utmost respect for data protection,' noting that employers or members of the general public would not have access to it.

Is this the first step in a plan to restrict travel after the 'State of Alarm' to those who have had a vaccination or even penalise people who catch Covid after they have refused the vaccination?

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