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Andalucia Itineraries

We have selected a number of itineraries to help you get the most from your visit to Andalucia, from the best castles to popular Roman sites or you may want to try one of our road trips. You can create your own itineraries or reading lists by logging on and saving articles as favourites. Your itineraries will include a map of the places you have chosen to visit or read about later and you will be able to save or print your itinerary or reading list and share it with family and friends. Make the most of your days in Andalucia.

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Castles of Andalucia

There are over 270 castles in Andalucia. Most were built by the Muslims and Christians between the 10th and 15th centuries during the long reconquest. Here are our favourites. ... Go to our itinerary >>

Megalithic Andalucia

Take a tour of the megalithic structures in Andalucia, the dolmens, passage graves and corridor tombs that created a spiritual landscape, including the largest concentration of dolmens in Europe al ... Go to our itinerary >>

Road Trip from Estepona

This round trip takes up a full day and can be started and finished from any of the coastal resorts between San Pedro de Alcantara and Sotogrande: San Pedro de Alcantara , Benavista, Estepona, Sabi ... Go to our itinerary >>

The Iberian Itinerary

Famous for their Damas of Elche and Baza, the Iberians created the first states in Andalucia and were the largest tribal confederation in the Iberian Peninsula. Their society spans the time between ... Go to our itinerary >>

The Roman Itinerary

The Romans were in Andalucia between 218 BC and 409 AD. There was little resistance to their presence so they were able to develop towns and cities, industry and trade, with no hindrance from the I ... Go to our itinerary >>

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