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The Andalucia Kitchen Garden for November 2021

Cooking with Home Grown Vegetables in Andalucia

Peas and broad beans doing well Spanish red potatoes coming on nicely A Poinsettia transplanted last January from its pot White cabbages ready now

In Season this month

Onion family: onions
Potato family: aubergines, chillis, peppers, tomatoes
Carrot family: carrots

What to Sow

s = seed p = plugs

Peas and Beans: broad beans(s), peas(s)
Brassicas: red cabbage(p), romanesco(p), cauliflower(p), white cabbage(p), broccoli(p)
Carrot family: carrots(s)
Beetroot family: beetroot(s)
Miscellaneous: lettuce (p)

Hints and Tips

November in the kitchen garden - Autumn Plantings and sowings

It might not have suited many people but the storms we had last month happened at just the right time for us gardeners. The herb garden took on another lease of life. Once the ground dried enough to work it was out with the wheelbarrow and tools to catch up on the sowing and planting.


In no particular order, since mid October I have planted my red and white potatoes. They are now showing nicely and I should have new potatoes for Christmas. I bought some Romanesco plants, Garlic bulbs, Leeks, Fennel and Iceberg lettuce plants and they all went in and are doing well.


With the ground moist and still warm after the rain I took the opportunity to sow seeds. I put in two rows of Beetroot, two rows of carrots; my favourite Chantenay and Autumn King, Swede, Parsnip,and a white salad Onion appropriately called Blanca.

My first rows of peas were sown in early October and they are up and doing well already. Broad beans were sown at the same time and they are well on.

I will be sowing more carrots and beetroot in succession this month. Both take about 16 weeks from sowing to digging but there is a bonus. I thin twice, once after about 4 weeks to about 2cms when the plants have their first true leaves and again after 8 weeks I take out every other baby carrot and beetroot leaving the remainder 4 cms apart to mature. Guess when I will be enjoying baby carrots and beetroot, you got it, Christmas. With the baby potatoes and sprouts that were sown last March, they are my pressie to myself.

Picking Now

Aubergines are still doing well, in fact better now than before the rains, as are my late tomatoes. I dug my first sweet potatoes on the 26th October. This month I also picked the first white cabbages that were put in as plants in August and fennel that I sowed in late May. Carrots sown in June are ready now.

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