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Corpus Christi in Granada

Two major processions take place in Granada during Corpus Christi, the Tarasca (Tarasque), of pagan origin and a solemn religious procession on the Thursday

By Nick Nutter | Updated 18 Mar 2023 | Granada | Events | Login to add to YOUR Favourites Favourites Icon or Read Later

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Corpus Christi is the most important fiesta in Granada city. For a whole week there are all kind of celebrations and cultural events in the streets: free puppet shows, a bullfighting festival, traditional processions, theater, concerts, exhibitions, flamenco and regional music performances in the centre of the city and the casetas (huge tents) at the fairground. The fairground is located in the north of the city, near the bus station. Flamenco outfits and decorations spread all over the city. The atmosphere is amazing.

How to work out when Corpus Christi is

The date of Corpus Christi depends on the date of Easter. Add 60 days to Easter Monday. In 2023, Corpus Christi is on Thursday 8th June.

Processions during Corpus Christi

Two major processions usually take place in Granada during Corpus Christi.

The first is the Tarasca (Tarasque), of pagan origin, which takes place on Wednesday morning and marks the beginning of a long school break. It's very popular with children. In this procession, a figure of a woman on a dragon is accompanied by gigantes y cabezudos (giants and big-heads). These characters are key participants of the celebrations, since they represent important people in the history of Granada, such as the Catholic Monarchs.

Corpus Christi in Granada Corpus Christi in Granada

Video By: Julie Evans

The second procession takes place on Thursday, Corpus Christi day, and is a solemn and religious event.

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