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Cádiz Carnival: Experience this Iconic Carnival in Andalucia (8th to 18th February 2024)

Cádiz Carnival is a 10-day celebration - the premier, and probably craziest, carnival in Spain takes place 8th to 18th February 2024

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When is the Cadiz Carnival 2024?

The Cadiz Carnival will take from from 8th to 18th February 2024.

Important Note about Cadiz Carnival Dates

In October 2021, the Cádiz town council announced that the dates for Cádiz Carnival would be changed from the traditional late February to early June. However, in the last two years, the Carnival dates have reverted to the traditional February date.

The dates for Cadiz Carnival 2024 have been confirmed for 8th to 18th February but for future editions, it's best to check the official website linked below for the latest news on when it will be held.

The Roots of the Cadiz Carnival

The Cadiz Carnival is one of Spain's most famous and vibrant festivals, with roots tracing back to the 16th century. Its origins are closely tied to the city's maritime connections and the influence of the Italian traders and sailors, who brought the tradition of the Venetian Carnival during the 16th century. Over the centuries, it evolved to include unique Spanish elements, particularly those reflecting local culture and satire.

What to Expect at the Cadiz Carnival

Regardless of whether in February or June, for 10 days, Cádiz bursts to life during its world-famous Carnival. For ten days, the city celebrates with parades, music, singing, dance, food, competitions, street shows and, of course, fireworks. Visitors arrive from all over the world for this event, reputed to be the largest in Spain.

It is a party that officially last ten days but often carries on for up to three weeks. Even before the official start you will find ‘rehearsals’ on various streets with bands practising, bars overflowing onto the footpath, roads closed using impromptu barriers and costumes being tried for size. The Police cheerfully ignore such innocent fun, after all, this is the only carnival in Spain that Franco could not ban.

The first parade, Gran Cabalgato, takes place on the first Sunday of the carnival. Ten thousand people are expected to pack the streets for the procession.

The Uniqueness of the Cadiz Carnival

The Cadiz Carnival stands out for its emphasis on humor, music, and creativity.

The streets of Cadiz come alive with music, as local groups, known as 'chirigotas' and 'comparsas', perform satirical and humorous songs that often comment on political and social issues.

The city is filled with people in elaborate costumes, lively parades, and flamboyant floats. Feel free to join in and dress up, if you want! Another unique feature is the 'tango' contests held in various plazas, showcasing traditional Andalucian songs.

The festival is renowned for its spontaneous nature. Unlike other carnivals that focus on grand parades and samba, the Cadiz Carnival is more about impromptu street performances, with locals and visitors alike joining in the festivities.

Much of the carnival's charm lies in these spontaneous street performances, so wander around the city to fully experience it. The atmosphere is one of communal celebration, where satire and humour take centrestage.

Scheduled Events at Cadiz Carnival 2024

While much of the Cadiz Carnival is rooted in spontaneity and community, this popular Andalucian festival does have some scheduled events on its calendar.

The first weekend is usually the busiest, featuring a parade on Sunday and other events. Here are some highlights you can look forward to:

  • February 8: Lighting of extraordinary lights and the final of the Romanceros contest.
  • February 9: Grand finale of the COAC at the Gran Teatro Falla.
  • February 10: Activities for children and the Pregón at Plaza de San Antonio.
  • February 11: Carnival Sunday, includes the Grand Parade and gastronomic events.
  • February 12: A local holiday, offers a more relaxed atmosphere with various performances.
  • Subsequent days (February 13-18) feature various events, including the Quema Dios Momo, street performances, and the Carnival humour parade.
  • February 25: Festival culminates with the "Carnaval Chiquito" or "Carnival of the Persistent."

The Cadiz Carnival is a multifaceted celebration with music, humour, gastronomy, and more, offering something for everyone.

Where to Stay in Cadiz

Needless to say, Cadiz Carnival attracts thousands of visitors so if you want to experience this one-of-a-kind Andalucian Carnival, be sure to plan in advance and book your accommodations early!

Check out these highly-rated accommodations in the city:

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