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Tinto de Verano

By Kinsales | 29 Jul 2019

We all remember our first experience of the Spanish Summer Wine, Tinto de Verano

Simpler than sangria but still made of red wine and a bubbly mixer, it is served over ice with a slice of lemon. The result is a chilled, lower-in-alcoholic-content drink that can be enjoyed sitting in a sunny plaza or at the bar ordering tapas. The mixer can be soda, lemonade or Fanta lemon.

The drink has its origin in the early 20th century, when Federico Vargas created a mix of a red wine and soda pop for his patrons at Venta Vargas in Cordoba, Spain.

The drink which was at first called un Vargas soon became known as Tinto de Verano and news spread like wildfire through Spain becoming a household name and synonymous with feeling refreshed and cool in the Spanish Sun.

Do you remember where you were? Love at first sip.

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