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Holidays fiestas and ferias in Andalucia

Holidays, carnivals, fiestas, festivals and ferias in Andalucia

The cities, towns and villages in Andalucia collectively enjoy over 3,000 holidays, fiestas and ferias in any one year. You can expect elaborate religious processions, communal banquets, bonfires, bands, re-enacted battles between Moors and Christians and fireworks, depending on the occasion. These are the fiestas and holidays that fall on the same day, or nearly, every year. These are the most popular carnivals and festivals in Andalucia.

Covid restrictions, imposed in 2020/21, meant that many of the parades and fiestas were cancelled or scaled down. It is as well to check with the local tourist boards if you are intending to travel to a particular event. Where possible we have included links in the article to allow you to check dates, times and programmes.