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Spanish Lavender by Joan Fallon

Spanish Lavender

Spanish Lavender

This book is a love story set in the Spanish Civil War. In January 1937, Elizabeth, a young English girl, decides to remain in Spain when the rest of her family return to the peace of England. Alone in the devastated city of Malaga she makes friends with two young men, Juan an idealistic Spaniard and Alex, a pragmatic Englishman. Together they make their escape from the war-torn city, along the coast to Almeria. Amongst the death and carnage she falls in love with Juan, only to lose him shortly afterwards when he is wounded and rushed to hospital. Alex persuades Elizabeth to return to England with him. Seventy years later Kate, Elizabeth’s granddaughter is left a legacy following the death of her grandfather, Sir Alexander, but also comes to the realisation that she may not be who she thinks she is. Kate can only find out by returning to Spain.

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Joan Fallon

Authors Profile - Joan Fallon

The Scottish author, Joan Fallon, began her career as a writer after moving to Spain at the start of the new millennium; her first published work was a social history, 'Daughters of Spain', inspired by the women she met in her new home. The research for this book in turn encouraged her to write the following two novels: 'Spanish Lavender', which is set in Malaga during the early years of the Civil War and 'The House on the Beach', the story of two young women growing up in Franco's Spain. Her subsequent novels have grown out of her experiences living and working in Spain.
She is a member of the Society of Authors and the Alliance of Independent Authors.
You can find out more about Joan and her books by going to her website or following her on Twitter @joan_fallon

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