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Three Girls by Sally Dixon

Three Girls

Three Girls

Three young women, three loves and three lives that are about to be changed forever. Caught up in a dangerous tide of extremism and racial tension, will Marianne, Sadime and Bea find what each of them craves?

Marianne is Scottish and seconded to a large multinational company in The Hague. Bright, attractive and with a high-flying job. She has it all – or does she? It’s not easy bringing up a young son on your own and she’s still struggling to get over a disastrous relationship – and then Logan arrives on the scene.
Bea and Sadime are old school friends and work for the same multinational as Marianne. Bea is Surinamer but she was born in Holland and benefited from a good education and an outward-looking family – that is until her brother was radicalized at the local mosque.
Sadime has fallen in love with a young Dutch boy but this is anathema to her strictly fundamentalist parents. They want to force her into an arranged marriage.

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Sally Dixon

Authors Profile - Sally Dixon

Sally Dixon was born and grew up in the South East of England but moved overseas in her twenties. She has lived in many different countries from the US to the Middle East and Europe and loves writing about them and incorporating the many different experiences she has had in her writing – some of them wonderful and some downright scary! She is living in southern France at present with her husband, two dachsies and two cats but is moving back down to Andalucía where she lived before, early in the Spring to be closer to Spanish family.
Sally has an arts and a science degree and has also studied music and creative writing. As well as her writing, she enjoys teaching English, French and Spanish to adult learners and walking the dogs in the countryside.
As well as books, Sally has had several short stories and articles published including a short story in The Guardian which was syndicated in The Mail on Sunday. The narrative of her latest book, Three Girls takes place in Holland. It is a romantic thriller set against a background of extremism and social unrest. Her next book, due out in the summer is set in Cairo and tells the story of an expat couple whose young child is kidnapped by terrorists. She is also currently working on a book set in France which draws in threads of the story of the Cathar Heresy in the Languedoc.