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Six Hard Days In Andalusia by Damian Vargas

Six Hard Days In Andalusia

Six Hard Days In Andalusia

When an old-time English drug smuggler and his crew meet their end in a bloody shoot-out on the Costa del Sol, it's of little concern to most. After all, gangsters get killed. It's what happens in their line of work. Allegiances change. Men die. It's the way of things.
However, when Mary Lawson a.k.a. 'The Accountant', a former MI6 agent turned independent contractor to the mob, is instructed by her shady bosses to investigate, things quickly get a lot more complicated. Hardened by her years in British military intelligence and ruthlessly professional, the woman who is no stranger to death and suffering, sets out to find who is responsible. But on the 'Costa del Crime' with its regular influx of millions of tourists, a history of political corruption, and a diverse and thriving criminal underworld, nothing is ever simple. The father that deserted his family. The prodigal daughter, fallen from grace. A hoard of devious, manipulating and violent characters. And an unfortunate British tourist who gets caught up in the middle of the whole bloody mess.
"Six Hard Days In Andalusia is the first in Damian Vargas's 'Costa del Crime' series of action thrillers. Vargas constructs an enthralling and intricate plot, weaves in a cast of unique characters, and then places them in wonderfully-visualised, real-world locations in southern Spain. Ex-pats and holidaymakers alike will recognise many of the novel's settings."
Others are already in progress and several more planned. To be published this summer is the prequel to ‘Six Hard Days’. It traces the origins of Eddie Lawson, the ‘Old Man’ in the first book. The story is set in Marbella in 1985 when the town was dominated by British villains on the run.

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Damian Vargas

Authors Profile - Damian Vargas

Damian Vargas is an emerging author of action thrillers with a vein of dark humour.

Damian is a self-exiled Brit, living and working in Spain on the Costa del Sol. A child of the 1970s and 1980s, he was brought up on an entertainment diet of intrepid adventure novels, gritty crime dramas, epic war stories and low-budget British science fiction television.

Experiencing everyday life in southern Spain opened his eyes to the dark underworld that occurs (mostly) beyond the view of the annual influx of British and other holidaymakers. The regular criminal goings-on, coupled with the rich tapestry of life and stunning locations on ‘the Costa’, sparked a firm desire to write fast-paced action stories.

His first book, ‘Six Hard Days in Andalusia‘, is the first of these.