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Darkness in Ronda by Paul S Bradley

Darkness in Ronda

Darkness in Ronda

The Andalusian Mystery Series continues and this time Bradley has excelled himself as DI Prado, Phillip Armitage and the gorgeous Amanda find themselves in another maelstrom of murder and misdirection. Writing in lean, evocative prose, his narrative is filled with action that creates a compelling picture of the characters around which his story revolves. Where Bradley truly distinguishes himself this time around is in his superb exploration of Spanish-style bullfighting, known as a corrida de toros. From the Tercio de Varas to the Tercio de Banderillas and the Tercio de Muerte, he gives us powerful, visceral images where Matadors dance with their deadly prey and the outcome is all but inevitable.

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Paul S Bradley

Authors Profile - Paul S Bradley

Paul S Bradley, originally from London, England, has lived in Nerja, Spain since 1992 where he established a marketing agency to help Spanish businesses sharpen their communications to the rapidly growing number of foreign visitors. He has travelled extensively around the Iberian Peninsula visiting most of the ancient cities and hundreds of wine bodegas. In the early years, he published lifestyle and property magazines, guide books and travelogues in English, German and Spanish. More recently, groups of discerning Alumni groups of Americans and Canadians have enjoyed his tour director services. He has lectured about Living in Spain and bullfighting and has appeared on local Radio and TV. The Andalusian Mystery Series draws on his own experiences as a voluntary translator in hospitals and police stations. Darkness in Malaga was his debut novel.

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