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Sunny Side Up by David Baird

Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up

The 21st century hits a Spanish village. It describes the dramatic change, offering an often humorous, sometimes tragic, view of life behind the white walls of Andalusia. It vividly depicts how the storm of progress collides head-on with a near-mediaeval way of life. Several Spanish schools have selected this book as a learning aid for language students.

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David Baird

Authors Profile - David Baird

Born in Shropshire, David Baird worked for publications around the world, from Britain and Australia to Hong Kong and Canada, before basing himself in Spain. As a foreign correspondent, he has contributed articles to The Economist, The Guardian, the New York Times, Maclean’s Magazine, and many other publications.
His non-fiction books include Between Two Fires, a poignant account of the impact of the guerrilla war which raged in southern Spain in the 1940s. It won praise from historians Ian Gibson and Paul Preston.
His humorous account of life in an Andalusian village, Sunny Side Up - The 21st century hits a Spanish village, was selected for study in Granada and Málaga schools.
He has also written several guidebooks and two works of fiction. He has twice been awarded Spain’s national prize for non-Spanish travel writers.

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