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Andaluz – A Food Journey Through Southern Spain by Fiona Dunlop

Andaluz – A Food Journey Through Southern Spain

Andaluz – A Food Journey Through Southern Spain

It is the author, Fiona Dunlop, who, through her enthusiasm and incredible experiences whilst travelling the world, brings this book alive. If you are expecting a simple list of regurgitated recipes, forget it. This book is what it says, a journey; a journey in time, and a journey in space; from Almería to Cádiz via Granada, Córdoba, Antequera, Málaga and Seville. On the way, it provides a feast for the eyes with engaging photographs of local produce, agriculture and sights.

Part travelogue, part history, part cookbook, Andaluz takes you deep into the heart of culinary Andalucía from a time when southern Spain was known as Al Andalus, to the Michelin starred restaurants of the 21st century. Twenty-one cooks have contributed over 100 recipes and Fiona has found some memorable characters to enrich the story of their dishes. An 80-year-old prepares fig and almond roll, another chef serves to tables set in a bullring. They come from dark kitchens in the smallest villages, from behind wood-fired grills at ventas and bodegas and from the kitchens of local professional chefs.

The recipes illustrate the legacy of the Arabs and Berbers in contemporary kitchens, using the ingredients inherited from those people. Where would Andalucían cooking be without couscous, rice, aubergines, oranges, figs, apricots, marzipan and a whole rack of spices? Fiona’s cooks combine these ingredients with foods endemic to the region such as Iberico pork, olives and produce from the grape; wine, sherry, sultanas and raisins. The recipes featured in this magazine, Marinated Iberian pork with raisin couscous and Bodegas Mezquita’s Cod, Olive and Orange Salad, are typical, tasty, simple to prepare, examples of the flavours you will experience in Andaluz – A Food Journey Through Southern Spain.

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Fiona Dunlop

Authors Profile - Fiona Dunlop

Fiona Dunlop is a British food and travel writer, photographer and blogger who has globe-trotted for decades from successive homes in Paris and London. She regularly visits her holiday house amid the olive groves in La Subbética, a region that has long been on her compass.

After writing numerous travel-guides on Asia and Latin America, and wide-ranging travel features, Fiona’s passion for food gained the upper hand. Her first cookery book, New Tapas published in 2002, focusing on Spain’s tapas culture, was an international best-seller, followed by The North African Kitchen and Real Mexican Food.

After witnessing huge changes in Spain for over 35 years, and writing books and features on the country, Fiona still hands her travel crown to Andalucía because, uniquely, it fuses the Arab world with Europe – injected with a huge dose of alegría. There, in her holiday house in the olive-groves, she contemplates the sierra, cooks local produce and plots sorties to tapas bars and fiestas. She has finally created a book about it: Andaluz, a Food Journey through Southern Spain.