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Alameda Gardens in Gibraltar

By Nick Nutter | 24 Jan 2018


The Alameda Gardens were established in 1816 by the Commander Lieutenant Governor Sir George Don to provide the public with a place of relaxation.

The gardens are laid out with interconnecting paths, water features and terraced beds formed from the local Jurassic limestone. At path junctions and other strategic places you will find guns and artillery, commemorating Gibraltar’s military heritage.

In the mid 19th Century the Italian Guiseppe Codali designed ‘The Dell’, an Italianate style garden that is best viewed from the wisteria covered bridge above.

From 1973 the gardens fell into a state of disrepair and languished for almost twenty years.

The Gibraltar Botanic Gardens Project, started in 1991, aims to restore the aesthetic beauty and interest of the Alameda for the benefit of visitors to the gardens, establish a living collection representative of Gibraltar and its hinterland, display a collection of plants from Mediterranean climatic zones around the world, contribute towards the conservation of the flora of Gibraltar and its hinterland, establish a collection of succulents from around the world and contribute towards the dissemination of information about plants, their economic value and their conservation by means of an active educational programme.

This is an ongoing project as the Alameda is gradually being converted into a botanic garden with something new to see every season. November to March is a good time to visit after the autumn rains.

As you wander around the Alameda you will find constantly changing vistas with the famous dragon trees providing the vertical framework with their peculiar elephantine trunks and branches, and tranquil spots to just sit and contemplate well away from the bustle of Main Street.

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