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in Andalucia, Spain
By Nick Nutter | 3 Oct 2020

You’ve had the instruction, you know the drill, now you find yourself in the door of an aircraft flying at 15,000 feet above the earth gazing at a horizon that is an incredible 240 kilometres away. You are waiting for the tap on the shoulder that says, ‘Go’. What you are about to do is probably the least instinctive act known to man. Even animals avoid throwing themselves off high places. That is why skydiving provides the ultimate adrenalin rush.

The First Jumps

Skydiving has come a long way since Georgia Broadwick made the first, involuntary, freefall jump back in 1914. Her static line had become entangled in the tail assembly of her aircraft. She cut the line and manually unpacked her parachute. Some lady. The first intentional freefall jump was made in 1919 by Leslie Irvin, a former stuntman, then working for the US Army´s Air Service parachute research team. Irvin made his first freefall jump from 1,500 feet, opening his ´chute at 1,000 feet. The system worked flawlessly although Irvin broke his ankle when he landed.

Freefall Jump Records

On 14 October 2012, Felix Baumgartner set a record for the highest freefall, the highest manned helium balloon flight, and the fastest freefall; he jumped from 128,100 feet (39,045 m), reaching 833.9 mph (1342 km/h) - Mach 1.24, faster than the speed of sound. On 24 October 2014, Alan Eustace broke the record previously set by Baumgartner for the highest fall. He jumped from a height of 135,908 feet (41,425 m) and fell with a drogue chute for four and a half minutes.

Your Free-fall Jump

From 15,000 feet, your freefall will last about 60 seconds. After 12 seconds and 1,500 feet you will have reached terminal velocity, about 190 kph. After one minute you will be at about 3,000 feet from where you swoop to earth beneath the latest design of parachute.

Skydiving in Andalucia

Skydiving is available from Seville, Almeria and Granada. The only skydiving school in Europe permitted to dive from 15,000 feet is based at Seville.

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Nick has lived and worked in Andalucia for over 20 years. He and his partner, Julie Evans, have travelled extensively and dug deep into the history and culture, producing authoritative articles on all aspects of the region. Nick has written four books about Andalucia and writes articles for other websites and blogs.

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