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Jet Skiing

in Andalucia, Spain
By Nick Nutter | 5 Oct 2020
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You may only be travelling at 60 knots (110 kph to all landlubbers), but at sea level that is fast, seriously fast. At that speed the jet ski is almost uncontrollable and hitting a large wave is similar to riding into a concrete wall. Then, for the real adrenaline junky, there is jet ski freestyle.

Jet Ski Freestyle

Jet ski freestyle, as the name implies, is performing the most amazing stunts on stand-up jet skis. Here are the five most popular tricks.
When it comes to freestyle jet ski tricks, the most well known is probably the back flip. It can be performed on still water by creating your own wake but it is easier using waves or another boat’s wake.
Barrel Roll
During this trick the rider corkscrews the jet ski through a full 360 degrees whilst in the air. Its all down to technique.
Monkey Jump
Probably the most dangerous trick devised. Basically the jet ski is put into a turn. The nose is elevated so that the jet ski sinks. Meanwhile the rider clambers to the bows and as the jet ski powers out of the water, the rider is thrown forward in a somersault.
The water ski is submerged after performing small jumps. Very refreshing.
More for fun. The rider sits on the canopy facing the rear so that the stern is elevated. Use the accelerator to pump a jet of water into the air.

Jet Ski Hire in Andalucia

During the summer season, jet skis can be hired from most of the recreational marinas on the coast. Some offer jet ski tours that are a great way to find hidden coves in places like the Cabo de Gata.

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