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Sealife World in Benalmadena Municipality in Málaga Province Andalucia

By Nick Nutter | 24 Jan 2018
Octopus, Benalmadena Sealife Shark at Benalmadena Sealife Bream, Benalmadena Sealife Seahorse, Benalmadena Sealife

Benalmadena port is also home to Sea Life, the only one in Spain, a fantastic modernistic aquarium with over 30 displays including an incredible tunnel where you walk seemingly submerged in the ocean whilst sharks cruise above you. Did you know that because an octopus has no skeleton it can squeeze itself through a hole the size of a fifty cent piece. They are also very intelligent and can learn and remember simple lessons.

The touchy feely pool is a great attraction for children not least because they have the chance to touch the rays that raise their heads from their pool to gaze curiously at beings in a world outside their own. Similar in concept is the interactive rock pool where you may be able to pick up crabs, starfish and other creatures found in rock pools around the coast. You will also see a colourful range of anemones.

Other themed displays cover the plant and fishy life found in rock pools, the Mediterranean Sea, in the Amazon, in tropical lagoons and on tropical reefs. Sea Life is much more than just a visitor attraction. They are also committed to working with WDCS, the global voice for the protection of whales and dolphins, and a number of organisations dedicated to protecting endangered species like the seahorse.

The best and cheapest way to obtain tickets is online at You do not have to print off the ticket just make a note of the confirmation number.

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