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San Juan 2020

in Andalucia, Spain
By Nick Nutter | 25 Oct 2018
Sabinillas 2019 Sabinillas 2018

At midnight on Sunday 23rd June the coast of Andalucía, indeed the coast around the whole of Spain, will twinkle with the light from hundreds of bonfires. Thousands of people will be jumping into the sea and, on some beaches, effigies of infamous characters will be burnt. There will be bands and concerts, fireworks and food and drink all night until the sun rises.

This is the night of San Juan, the shortest night, the summer solstice. In pagan times it was not a celebration, for the night portends the start of winter. It was a time of sacrifice and feasting to please the gods who returned the favour at the winter solstice on the 22nd December by having the sun, once again, start to rise earlier and set later. It was a time of change and purification. Fire and water, hot and cold, night and day.

In Spain today, many people will not enter the sea to bathe until the summer solstice. Hence the multitude that invade the waves at midnight. As the bonfires reduce in size and intensity, the younger generations leap over and through the flames in symbolic acts of purification. Older and wiser people stay at the water’s edge and wash themselves three times. They will be granted three wishes and have a happy twelve months.

On some beaches, effigies will be put to the flame. Originally, as pagans turned into Christians, the effigy represented Judas Iscariot. Estepona run a competition for the best effigy called, ‘Quemando los Bigotes de San Juan’, (‘Burning the moustache of San Juan’). Bigotes is a euphemism for the bandoleros that plagued the area until the mid 20th Century. In Andalucía particularly, the effigies started to represent infamous local or national personalities, a brave thing to do in the Franco days.

On some beaches the bonfires have contemporary political or historical relevance. Sabinillas is famous for its San Juan comments with bonfires looking like stage sets. Subjects have been the author Cervantes, pirates, film stars, and in 2018, circus clowns including Mr Trump and Kim Jong-un.

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Submitted by Sharon Gysin on 27 Dec 2019
Hi Could you tell me when San Juan is in 2020? I know the date is June 23, this will be a Tuesday can you confirm if this is right please? Many thanks. Kind regards Sharon Gysin

Reply by Nick Nutter:
Hi Sharon, Yes, you have it right. San Juan is on a fixed date, the 23rd June every year.

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