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Two back seat drivers in Andalucia

By Nick Nutter | 9 Jul 2019

Welcome to the Costa’s newest magazine. Every month we will be bringing you what we consider to be the best of Andalucia. Places to go, things to do, museums and galleries and days out. We will have regular features such as Health and Beauty, Gardening, Food and Drink and a special section for Gibraltar. Ho hum I hear, it’s all been done before. Yes, I know because we, Julie and I, did it a few years ago with Andalucia Life and nobody has produced anything similar since. So perhaps I should say welcome to the best-read magazine in Andalucia.

Since Andalucia Life technology has moved on remarkably. Our most dependable tool for exploring the back roads of Andalucia back then was the Repsol Road Atlas. Ours fell apart every year and was replaced with the latest edition. Now we have a navigation tool on Julie’s mobile. We call it Jennifer. Julie always has looked after the navigation to let me concentrate on the driving. This is a good thing. Sometimes, normally in a confusing road network in a city, I, for some inexplicable reason, would get it into my head that I wanted to turn left (or right) or go straight ahead despite my navigator’s instructions to the contrary. Very rarely my decision was justified, if the road down which I was directed was a one-way street for instance. If I got it wrong, that is most of the time, then words were exchanged. Discreet enquiries amongst the older male population reveal that I am not the only person with this aberrant habit.

Along came Jennifer. Now I have two female navigators. I approach every junction with fear and trepidation hoping their instructions coincide. Most of the time they do. Sometimes they do not. Who to listen to. If I get it wrong with Jennifer she sulks and deliberately sends me through a maze of back streets to regain my route. If I get it wrong with Julie, well, let’s not go down that road. (pun intended).

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