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RAOB Annual Charity Cardboard Boat Race 2019

held in Gibraltar

Saturday 17 Aug 2019

Time to get started on your cardboard creations for the most well-attended charity event of the year, and see if you can beat the best of the bunch... without sinking!!

We invite entrants to build & enter their own craft, the wackier the better! A perfect opportunity to build team spirit, help local charities & have great fun into the bargain!

All proceeds will go towards GBC Open Day and Clubhouse Gibraltar

Why not enter your team, choose your theme, make your boat, as big or small as you like, press-gang some crew-mates & take to the water to help make this the biggest Boat Race ever!

We invite corporate teams, sports teams, families, associations & any other group of friends or workmates who are up for a bit of a laugh, but also have that competitive spark to register their boat

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