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Gazpacho Party 2019

held in Alfarnatejo, Málaga Province

Saturday 3 Aug 2019

XIX Fiesta del Gazpacho in Alfarnatejo, Málaga. A gastronomic fair dedicated to the preparation of this typical summer dish, which offers tasting to neighbours and visitors. Do not hesitate to go to Alfarnatejo to try this cold soup based on tomato, cucumber, pepper and olive oil. Ideal to cool off in the Andalusian sun evenings. Then enjoy a flamenco evening in which there are also performances by guest artists.

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Nick has lived and worked in Andalucia for over 20 years. He and his partner, Julie Evans, have travelled extensively and dug deep into the history and culture, producing authoritative articles on all aspects of the region. Nick has written four books about Andalucia and writes articles for other websites and blogs.

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