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Royal Antequera Fair 2019 in Antequera Municipality in Málaga Province Andalucia

Wed 21 Aug 2019 - Sun 25 Aug 2019

By Nick Nutter | 25 Jun 2019

The Antequera Fair, declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest, is divided into the "Day Fair" and the "Night Fair". In the morning people go to the centtre of the town. In the afternoon there are bullfights and bullfights. And at night the party moves to the booths, with attractions and performances in the Fairground.

Day Fair

You can enjoy tastings and live musical performances. It is typical to wear the flamenco dress of Andalusia.

Night Fair

Takes place in the Exhibition Center located in the Parque del Norte. There are the Casetas Andaluzas, the Youth House and the Municipal Booth along with the attractions and the stalls.

Day of the Horseman

Saturday, August 24, 2019 is the so-called "Saturday Fair" and is the Day of the Horseman, which consists of a procession along the Royal Walk. It is something worth seeing, that attracts a large number of participants every year.

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