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The Hands of Leonardo

held in Fuengirola, Málaga Province

Monday 11 Nov 2019

The Villas in Mijas Lecture

Leonardo stated that the hand could be as expressive as the face and acknowledged that the structure and function of the hand was the organ through which an artist expresses himself. His remarkably accurate drawings of the six layers of anatomy of the hand are testament to his pursuit of detail, and he used this knowledge in the narrative of the Last Supper. This talk reviews the way in which Leonardo investigated the form and function of the hand. His paintings and narrative art are reviewed to demonstrate how he used this knowledge to depict the hand as a form of expression.

Lecturer: Guy Rooker

The lectures start at 16:30 and are held at the Salón Varietés, Fuengirola. MEMBERS: Free; NON-MEMBERS: 10€ per lecture, to be paid at the visitors’ desk prior to the lecture Visitors from other Member Societies of the Arts Society: 8€ on presentation of membership card

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