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Dame Zaha Hadid

held in Fuengirola, Málaga Province

Monday 6 Apr 2020

The Currencies Direct Lecture

The lecture tells the story of Dame Zaha Hadid, one of the most distinguished architects in the world and a talented designer. She developed a new form of architecture by rejecting 90 degree angles. Her early abstract paintings are of particular interest because in them she began to create her visionary world where there is no definition, lines converge, and gravity disappears – all conceived before the advent of advanced computer software. We move around the world to look at some of her completed works, including her most famous UK building, the Aquatics Centre for the London Olympics in 2012, as well as unexecuted designs. Members who have a keen interest in cutting-edge design will be mesmerised by the daring yet brilliant structures of Dame Zaha Hadid.

Lecturer: Anthea Streeter

The lectures start at 16:30 and are held at the Salón Varietés, Fuengirola.

MEMBERS: Free; NON-MEMBERS: 10€ per lecture, to be paid at the visitors’ desk prior to the lecture.

Visitors from other Member Societies of the Arts Society: 8€ on presentation of membership card

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