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Getares, a small town with white sandy beach

in Algeciras Municipality in Cádiz Province, Andalucia, Spain
By Nick Nutter | 18 Nov 2019
Getares looking north Getares looking south

Take the N340 (A7) south around Algeciras. As the dual carriageway ends the road passes over a concrete bridge and bends to the right. A slip road enters from the right and the road starts to incline. There is a set of traffic lights. Turn left here and follow this road until you reach a roundabout where you turn left. There is a large car park above the beach.

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Despite being tucked away, the white sandy beach at Getares is very popular during the summer. It is sheltered by Punta San Garcia to the north and Punta Carnero to the south.

If you have taken the trouble to get this far then Getares is worth a lunch stop. It is a typical Spanish resort with lots of restaurants on a new promenade. The one we tried served very fresh fish at excellent prices.

From any of the restaurants the views are spectacular, the whole of Algeciras Bay round to Gibraltar, and the beach is a wide expanse of fine sand. When we were there the surf was thundering in. The original fishermen's houses are still there at one end of the promenade, right on the beach.

If you turn right at the roundabout you are on the road that leads around the cliff edge towards the mirador. This is an excellent spot for birdwatching. Getares is below the flight path for all the migratory birds flying across the Straits. The migration northwards takes place from January to May, peaking in March. The migration southwards takes place from July to November, peaking in August and September.

Getares is a nice mix of old and new, well worth a visit.

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