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Working Together in 2021 to Rejuvenate Businesses in Andalucia

in Andalucia, Spain
By Nick Nutter | 19 Jan 2021

The Covid-19 lockdown restrictions on travel and the implications of Brexit have dealt a double blow to businesses as we enter 2021.

Over Christmas and New Year, Julie and I have been working on a way to promote your business at NO COST to you. We believe we have found a way to do that. To be honest we are quite excited about it and hope that you will be as well. is already the most visited website of its kind in Andalucia.

All our advertisers are our Business Partners and their businesses already receive more impressions than we promised 12 months ago, more views of their business page and more links through to their website or Facebook page.

The business that achieved the greatest number of impressions (116,908) and views of their business page (2338) since January 2020, was Purple Cars. Within 12 months our aim is to have every Business Partner achieving the same or better and paying NOTHING to achieve that.

That is what we will be working towards over the next 12 months.

Meeting our Objective

Every day we post a new article on the Visit Andalucia Facebook Group page. We also share that article out to over 60 groups throughout Andalucia over the course of the week. That process encourages people to the website where they read the article and see and click on your logo.

FOR FREE ADVERTISING do just three things

1. REGISTER your Business Click here
2. JOIN our Visit Andalucia Facebook Group -Here
3. Each day, go to the Visit Andalucia Group and Share our latest article on your TimeLine.
Sharing the Article to Twitter and other Social Media – is a bonus.
That’s it.

These simple actions will generate enough hits to allow us to PROMOTE your BUSINESS for FREE.

By working together, we will make 2021 a better business year than 2020.

We look forward to having you On Board

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