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Should I Have Travel Insurance For Spain

in Andalucia, Spain
By Nick Nutter | 10 Mar 2021
Paragliding in Andalucia

It increasingly looks as though this summer we will all be holidaying at home. For those of us who are residents of Andalucia, that is no great hardship. Even the provinces of Jaen and Cordoba, with no coastal areas, have lots of places to go and things to do. Discover your own province this summer.

Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

When holidaying at home, many people forget about travel insurance. Protecting yourself from unexpected delays, cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances, loss of luggage and so on is just as important if you are travelling 50 kilometres from home as if you were travelling 5000.

Your trip to Spain or within Spain does not require travel insurance cover, however for peace of mind, particularly following the Covid-19 epidemic and the changing nature of the tourist market you should certainly consider travel insurance to cover your planned activities.

The Changing Tourist Market

The travel restrictions imposed because of the Covid-19 epidemic has drastically changed the tourist market in Andalucia. The tourist season during 2020 was a non-event and the 2021 season is not looking much better with travel restrictions between regions and provinces still forecast to be enforced during the Easter period, the traditional start of the holiday period.

Prospective tourists must also contend with vaccinations before they leave home and quarantine rules when returning from holiday, that differ depending on their country of residence. The ease with which travellers could book online in the morning and fly out in the afternoon has gone, spontaneity is no longer realistic and traditional family holidays abroad are that much more difficult.

Coupled with the uncertainty of flights out and back and the real risk of more drastic travel restrictions being imposed during the holiday period, circumstances that caused misery and financial hardship to hundreds of people in 2020, it is not surprising that people are choosing to stay at home and the ones that are determined to holiday in Andalucia are a different breed to the ones we are used to.

The Modern Tourist

The tourist in Andalucia in 2021 is most likely to be a discerning single or couple. They are likely to be looking for a fulfilling holiday rather than a week on a beach or a boozy weekend. Andalucia has always attracted the younger age groups, 25 to 34 years made up 34% of visitors in 2019 and the 35 to 44 year group contributed another 20%. However, those percentages will rise as there will be fewer young children and less older visitors in years to come. Our discerning tourists from 2021 will be looking for adventure and new experiences.

Travel Insurance Cover

The travel insurance market is changing to cope with its new, active, customers.

The modern tourist should consider the following types of insurance cover:
Cancellation coverage that allows you to recuperate deposits made for accommodation you won't be able to use.
Medical and Repatriation cover
Sports Injuries and Accidents
Backpacker Travel Insurance
Baggage Insurance
Travel Delays
Missed Departures
Personal Liability Insurance

Free International Travel Insurance for Andalusia

To make your visit even safer, and give the tourist greater peace of mind, Andalusia provides all non-resident international travellers with free Covid insurance for stays at any type of regulated establishment in the region between 1 January and 31 December 2021.

Types of coverage and circumstances covered in the case of infection with COVID-19:
Medical and surgical cost and fees
Pharmaceutical costs related to recovery from COVID
Hospitalisation costs
Persons covered: patient and companions. "Patient" refers to the person diagnosed with COVID-19. "Companion" refers to the insured's spouse or cohabiting partner, as well as ascendants (parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren) of both members of the couple. "Quarantine" refers to the isolation of people for a time to avoid or limit the risk of spreading a disease.
Ambulance costs or transportation of the patient from the place of first diagnosis to the hospital prescribed by the attending doctor.
Costs of returning to the holiday destination from the hospital where the patient has been treated.
Repatriation by air ambulance if warranted by the emergency or seriousness of the case (Europe and Mediterranean Rim countries only). A scheduled medical flight will be used for passengers from other countries.
If a patient with COVID-19 needs to be transported or repatriated, their insured companions will also be covered by this insurance. Accordingly, the insurer will cover the costs of their transportation or repatriation, either to their habitual residence or to the place where the repatriated patient is hospitalised. The rights of the insureds' return tickets will be exercised by the insurer.
If the insureds are minors or disabled and have no trusted companion, a responsible person will accompany them to the patient's place of residence or hospitalisation.
The insurance covers the necessary arrangements in the place of the customer's death.
The costs of the companions' transportation to the place of burial are covered, and the rights of the return tickets will be exercised by the insurer. If the insureds are minors or disabled and have no trusted companion, a responsible person will accompany them to the patient's place of residence or hospitalisation.
The insured's stay at a hotel following hospitalisation or under medical quarantine prescription is covered.
* Coverage without any age limit, excluding any circumstance known by the insured before travelling.
** It is not necessary to contract the insurance, if you meet all the requirements, you are automatically covered.

Corporate Insurance Cover

The risk of travel delays and cancellations is even more important for the business or corporate traveller. More insurance companies are now expanding their corporate insurance cover to include the uncertainties caused by the Covid-19 epidemic. The Andalucia Seguras scheme, mentioned above, only covers tourists, not the business traveller so it is important to check with your insurance company before planning a business trip to Spain.

Visit Andalucia for a safe, enjoyable and worry-free holiday.

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Submitted by Gary Malone on 18 Mar 2021
Regarding the travel insurance cover for COVID, does this include holiday home owners when they visit their property for a holiday? Does a holiday home qualify as a regulated establishment? Thank you, Gary Malone

Reply by Nick Nutter:
As I read the rules, holiday home owners are not covered for the reason you have highlighted, the property is not a regulated establishment. By regulated they mean any hotel, guest house etc on the Andalucia Segura list.