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Last word on Brexit

in Andalucia, Spain
By Nick Nutter | 8 Apr 2021

Where does the British Expat Stand Post Brexit

With the transition period having ended on the 31st March 2021, the UK is well and truly out of Europe and Brexit is out of the news, thank goodness. For the British expat living in Spain and those wishing to live in Spain, there are still some issues to resolve, such as the need for a Spanish driving test to obtain a Spanish driving licence, and some confusion about visas, the Schengen area and so on. This has to be the last word on the subject.

We have put together a resource centre that offers the latest advice on these and other matters.

Who should be interested?

If you are British and fall into one of the following categories then elements of your life will change:
1. Living in Spain - retired
2. Living in Spain - not retired
3. Working in Spain - employed
4. Working in Spain - self employed
5. Working in Spain and owning a business
6. Driving in Spain
7. Intending to move to Spain
8. Intending to return to the UK
9. Intending to visit the UK and return to Spain
10. Own a holiday home in Spain
11. Holidaying in Spain

Government Sources - In English

We have resourced some links that should tell you all you need to know and, most importantly, how to go about getting those vital bits of paper you will need to stay in Spain, move to Spain and visit Spain.
1. FAQs for UK Nationals and their family members residing in Spain. Produced by the Spanish Government in English and answers every question you may have.
2. What you need to prove residency - in pictures - if you have one of these fine, if not, well you're leaving it a bit late aren't you.
3. Key points of the Trade Deal after Brexit - Reliable summary courtesy of the BBC.

HM Gov Guidance for UK Nationals Living in Spain Before 1st January 2021

A downloadable pdf that is surprisingly easy to understand.
Living and Working
In fact it is so easy to understand it makes you wonder why it took 4 years to work it out.
Read or Download the pdf here

How to Articles

A section that covers lots of areas from travel insurance to bringing pets to Spain. How to apply for TIE cards, visas and driving licences.
Residency, Work Visas, Driving Licences and more

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