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Step by step guide - How to get a refund on your holiday

in Andalucia, Spain
By Nick Nutter | 14 May 2021

About Andalucia Segura

The Andalucia Segura tourism voucher is a project funded by the Junta de Andalucia. Its purpose is to encourage people who are resident in Andalucia to holiday within Andalucia. The project runs until the 9th December 2021. Holiday at home in Andalucia and you can obtain refunds on your accommodation costs of up to 500 Euros. Here is how we claimed our refund.

How Andalucia Segura Works

Residents in Andalucia who wish to reserve holiday accommodation have to book their stay through an 'Andalucia Segura' travel agent. If the accommodation booked is registered as an 'Andalucia Segura Accommodation Provider' then you can claim money back after your stay. The online application process is not easy, but it is worth the effort when you receive your refund into your bank account.

The Discounts and Rules

There has to be a minimum stay of 2 nights
You receive a refund of 25% up to a maximum of 200 Euros.
If the stay is 4 nights or more and you are under 25 years of age or over 65 years of age you will receive a refund of 50% subject to a maximum of 500 Euros.
Breakfast expenses are included
You must be resident in Andalucia to apply
The travel agent must be registered in Andalucia
The accommodation booked must be in Andalucia

Tour Operators and Travel Agents in the Andalucia Segura Scheme

You must book through a registered tour operator or travel agent. Wherever you are in Andalucia
Find a Tour Operator Here

Hotels in the Andalucia Segura Scheme

Click on the link below and In the Activities section select:
- One of the highlighted categories
- Select the Province and then select the Town you wish to visit
You are presented with a list of accommodation names in the scheme, if there is any availabilty in the scheme
Make a note of the accommodation details including the Cód. Registro.
Find a Hotel Here

Procedure for booking accommodation

Go to the travel agent chosen from the list.
Tell the travel agent you will be taking advantage of the Andalucia Segura discount scheme
Take with you:
- Details of the accommodation you have chosen including the Cód. Registro number
- An in date copy of your empadronamiento
Book the accommodation and pay the travel agent.
- Obtain a receipt.
After your stay, when you check out of the hotel, request a Certificado de Pernoctacion (a certificate to say you stayed at the establishment).

Procedure for Claiming your Refund - with a digital certificate

If you have a digital certificate the refund procedure can be done on line.
It is essential that you use Edge Internet Explorer or Safari for the process to work, Google Chrome will produce an error.
To use the Virtual Office, your computer must have a PDF document viewer installed.
Recently, some of the forms accessed through the Virtual Office have started to appear translated into English. I can only assume the Virtual Office is picking up the chosen language from my browser.
If you want to use the digital certificate in your procedures, the certificate must be installed in your browser and have a compatible configuration.
Scan a copy of your Empadronimiento, TIE card or Green Residencia, Certificado de Pernoctacion and the receipt from the travel agent.
Make a note of where it is stored on the PC.

Go to the Virtual Office by clicking here

First click on Check to ensure your system is compatible
Download the AutoSignature Software if necessary
- Complete the signature check
Now go to the section Access with Digital Certificate
- Click on Login
- Click on OpenAutoFirmaJA
The software finds your digital certificate
- Click on OK (Acceder)
The system finds your certificate - click on OK
- Click on Bonotur - Tourism subsides: Andalucia tourist bonus
- Upload your Certificates - Empadronimiento, TIE card or Green Residencia, Certificado de Pernoctacion
Next to Documentacion adjunta
- Click on Adjuntar
- Add a description
Add your Bank Details
- Go to this link with your digital cerificate
- Add the complete IBAN number - no spaces

Start the Application

Next to Inicio de tramite click on Iniciar
Click on Start (iniciar)
You will receive an email to say the application has been accepted
You may also receive an email to say that further details are required. This will contain a link with further instructions.

Without a Digital Certificate

If you do not have a digital certificate, you can fill out the forms online, print them off, and physically present yourself at your nearest tourist office, NOT the tourist information office. Take with you a copy of your Empadronimiento, TIE card or Green Residencia, Certificado de Pernoctacion and the receipt from the travel agent.

What happened to us

Julie and I went to the Halcon travel agency in Huercal Overa who is registered in the scheme. We had already decided we were going to stay at a hotel in Retamar that was also registered in the scheme.
Booking the hotel through the agent was easy. We informed the agent that we would be taking advantage of the Andalucia Segura scheme.
When we checked out of the hotel we asked for and received the Certificado de Pernoctacion.

When we returned home we went on line and made the application. A bit long winded but we (by we I mean Julie, she is much better at this sort of thing than me) got there. We received the confirmation email.
Then we heard nothing for over a week.
We then received an email from the Tourist Office asking us to send the attachments again and complete our bank account details.
Then we heard nothing for another week.
I went back on to the Virtual Office to find that my application had been adjourned with no further reason given.
A week or so later we were due to go to Almeria so, we collected all the paperwork together and I presented myself to surprised staff at the office and asked for Jose .... (the author of the emails) Not surprisingly it was Jose's day off so I asked to speak to his boss. A few minutes later a gent with a folder with my name on it appeared. He had a printed copy of every form I had submitted relevant to this claim.
He went through the forms and showed me two boxes I had not ticked, both in the declaration section. I had thought to tick only one box, the one that most applied, rather than all of them. Anyhow, I ticked the boxes and signed to say I had ticked them, then Jose's boss signed to say that I had signed and then he stamped the signatures with the time and date and told me everything was now in order. I love Spanish bureaucracy, the process fascinates me. I always want to shout, 'save the trees'.
That was a Friday. On the Monday I received another email from Jose to say I would be paid at the end of the current accounting period.
One week later the money popped into the bank.
Now, where are we going next?

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Approved Comments

Submitted by David White on 16 Oct 2021
Yesterday I sent an email to the Bono’s Turisticos in Malaga to chase up my claim that was sent by Fuengirola Registro on 27-07-21 with the corespondent Numbers. They replied within a short period of time and hears the reply translated Hiya, I contacted the Segura People yesterday and got this message back Buenas tardes, Your request CTC 2021339222 has as file BTUR2020MA1940 for a stay at Hotel Los Arcos. Your application has been entered correctly and we trust that we can study it before November. Greetings, So it shows they’re very busy, the Junta’s was probably taken up by more people then they imagined

Reply by Nick Nutter:
Yes, We put a claim in Mid September. It will be November before we get our refund. Slow but sure.

Submitted by Andrew Wozniak on 2 Oct 2021
We wanted to support our local Travel Agency and so booked a trip to Granada and then set about claiming under the scheme through the digital signature route. We did pay a hefty amount more than the price but with the promise of the discount it would be a saving in the end. However I got a reply through the digital certificate but some how lost the information they have sent to me. Now can not find a way to contact them to find out if there was a problem. No payment has been received. Does anyone have a contact number for the administration of the Andalucia Segura scheme? Thank you.

Reply by Nick Nutter:
Hi Andrew, Each province administers its own part of the scheme so you need the Toursist Office in Granada. I think the number is 958 24 71 28

Submitted by Mary on 2 Sep 2021
Are the prices charged when booking with an agent much more than using, say, I can’t work out if it’s worth doing or not when I can get 2 nights in a very nice hotel in Berja for 100€ or less ... if the agency mark up is high? Thanks

Reply by Nick Nutter:
Accommodation providers tend to inflate their prices for because BC charge high commissions. Booking through a travel agent generally works out cheaper than booking through BC.

Submitted by Michael White on 16 Jul 2021
With all the running around you did, it leads me to believe that obfuscation is the name of the game for the Andalucia Government in the hope that people will just give up, yet again we are beholden to the power of the "stamp"

Reply by Nick Nutter:
You may well be right. That sort of attitude only makes me more determined, especially if there is 500 Euro prize. I am working on a second claim atm and having to go through the same hoops. Jose will be getting a surprise visit next week.