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Should Covid Vaccinations be made Compulsory?

in Andalucia, Spain
By Nick Nutter | 24 Nov 2021

Are the protests of Human Rights groups valid or should governments look at the human rights of the majority rather than the minority?

Proposed changes to the EU Covid Certificate and proposed changes to legislation in Spain will again put this question into the public forum.

Changes to the EU Covid Certificate

The recent surge in Covid cases in Europe is causing the EU to make some changes to the EU Covid Certificate. The certificate, introduced in July 2021, has allowed for those vaccinated, recovered or who tested negative, to travel freely within the EU without the need for subsequent tests or quarantine. The problem is one of duration. The Covid vaccinations only protect an individual for six or seven months after which booster shots are necessary to continue the protection.

EU lawmakers in Strasbourg are looking to set a uniform duration for the validity of the initial certificate and cover the inclusion of booster shots. They are looking at setting the validity of the certificate at 12 months. That would mean vaccinated travellers would need to take a booster shot or be forced to take a test before travel within the EU once they have passed the time limit.

Unilateral Action by Germany, Austria, France and Italy

However, certain countries, Germany, Austria and France, are already taking matters into their own hands and imposing further restrictions. Germany recently announced that people from Belgium, Ireland, Greece and the Netherlands who aren’t vaccinated or recovered from Covid will have to self-isolate upon arrival. The German government and states have also agreed on nationwide rules that would see unvaccinated people excluded from many public places, and vaccinated people will have to take Covid tests if the situation worsens. Austria has moved to tighten the rules on testing to bar the use of antigen tests as well as impose a limit of 270 days on the validity of vaccinations and on Friday 19th November, the Austrian government announced that the country will go into its fourth nationwide lockdown and will make Covid-19 vaccines compulsory. France is already making a booster shot obligatory for the continued validity of the health pass for the over 65s. In addition, many member states, including France and Italy, have made it a condition of entry into leisure facilities, shops, bars and restaurants that people have a valid Covid Certificate.

Any new legislation from the EU is bound to energize the human rights groups. The question is, ‘are their protests valid or should governments look at the human rights of the majority rather than the minority?’


Spain has a government that is more cognisant of human rights than many other countries. The country’s two states of emergencies – during which the initial full lockdown and other restrictive measures could be imposed by the regions without the courts’ consent – have both been declared unconstitutional. The use of the Covid Certificate to control access to bars, restaurants and other establishments never took off in Spain because local judges repeatedly overruled their implementation, for the most part labeling the Covid Certificate health passport requirement as ‘not ideal’ or ‘disproportionate’.

Spain cannot legally place people who have not been vaccinated under lockdown or make Covid-19 vaccination compulsory, but could that change?

Almost 90% of the population in Spain that are eligible for the Covid vaccine have been vaccinated. The booster shot campaign is well underway. That means that only 10% of those eligible have not been vaccinated for one reason or another.

Nobody wants to catch Covid. Unfortunately, the vaccinations are not an ironclad guarantee that those vaccinated will not catch a strain of Covid if they are exposed to somebody with the disease. Vaccinated people stand a better chance of not being seriously ill or dying than those not vaccinated. So, let us look at some of the moral dilemmas faced by the Spanish government.

Moral Dilemas

If a non-vaccinated person is carrying Covid they could pass it on to other non-vaccinated people and to some people who have been vaccinated. Are non-vaccinated people going to voluntarily self-isolate until this problem disappears? I doubt it since it looks as though Covid, or one of its strains, will be with us for the foreseeable future.

What if a non-vaccinated person develops the symptoms and comes out with full blown Covid? They will no doubt expect treatment, thereby putting health workers and others at risk. Despite their having been responsible for their own demise, they will also expect to receive free treatment. Why?

Non-vaccinated people still want the right to go to bars, restaurants and other leisure facilities. Places where they are putting other people at risk and encouraging the spread of Covid.

Why should vaccinated people, who are in the vast majority, have their personal freedoms curtailed by a 10% minority?

Why should vaccinated people have their income suffer because of restrictions imposed on their working practices because of the selfishness of a few non-vaccinated people?

On a larger scale, why should Spain see its economy continue to suffer because of the distorted views of 10% of its population? I use the word distorted deliberately, if 9 people out of ten have one view and one person another, who is most likely to be right?

As Cantabrian president Miguel Angel Revilla said recently, ‘I’m all in favour of individual freedoms as long as they don’t negatively affect others, there’s no right for these people to risk others’ lives just because they don’t want to get vaccinated, more than restrictions, I ask that everyone be vaccinated, by hook or by crook.’

Covid Restrictions in Andalucia

The economy of Andalucia, more than any other autonomous community in Spain, depends on tourism. Not just foreign visitors either. Residents in Andalucia and Spain travel widely within the country, consider the flood of visitors to the Costas from inland cities during August, and they are only the tip of the iceberg. No matter how cheerful the press is, and no matter how optimistic the Junta are, about the numbers of tourists in 2021 and the forecast for 2022, every business that depends on visitors has suffered, some irredeemably. The fact remains that we, in Andalucia, cannot afford to have people arriving in the region who do not have an EU Covid Certificate or foreign equivalent. The economy cannot afford it.

A Call for Democracy

It is time for the majority to stand up and be counted, not just over the Covid issue but all issues where minorities try to impose their minority will over the majority. The last I heard, such a system was called democracy.

Results of this survey (6am CET Friday 26th November 2021)

Survey Results

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Approved Comments

Submitted by Bruno on 25 Nov 2021
The fear of the vaccinated against the unvaccinated never made any sense to me. It is said that vaccinated folks are protected against death and serious illness, so then why do we need to isolate from the unvaccinated folks? It's the unvaccinated who should be fearful of the majority bcus the vaccinated can still pass on the virus. You have a point about the treatment costs of the unvaccinated who might fall seriously ill. In Singapore, the government is billing medical fees to the unvaccinated patients.

Reply by Nick Nutter:
Thanks for the comment Bruno.

Submitted by christine on 25 Nov 2021
Why should people should be forced to take a vaccine, may be they fear for their health and live, because of this completely new and not yet sufficiently researched vaccination, for ex because they have a severe health issue like heavy allergies anyway and no one knows if and how their immune system would react to the ingredients of theses vaccines,. May be there are other similarily important reasons why people dont want to take it, which are in the same way dangreous or live threatening for some people? May be they or family or friends have already damages form a former vaccine or even died of it. democracy is not the dictator ship of the masses over minorities. Democracy has to protect minorities too and beides this leave epople to their own decicions, otherwise its none. there is a very good reason why there is no forced vaccination or any other inforced medical treatment of people, because people are different and react differently to medicine pharmaceutical products and also to vaccines. People are not machines. and it is the task of politicians to find solution for all, wich is humane and not just right for econnmy. Because if econnomy winns over humane rights this will be the end for all minorities and humanitiy itself. On top of all of this, theses vaccines dont even protect epople from getting sick and have to be imposed every half a year again and again. his kind of virus never disappers and there will also never be a vaccination which will realy protect all people from it. and the vaccinated can as well catch it and pass it on like everyone else. If this vaccine does what it is suppoed todo, there is no reason at all to force people inot vaccinations. if a 90% vaccination rate cannot protect, a hundred percent one wont do it either. protection of minorities have to be considered on both sides as well as the freedom of free choise, concerning the own body. if not, what could be the next? forced organ donation? forced chemotherapy ? forced gender transformation, forced abortions or even worse? just for the socalled good of the society or the economy? Actually a majority cannot impose its will over minorities when it concerns the peoples own body and freedom of being.

Reply by Nick Nutter:
Thanks for the comment Christine

Submitted by Rachel on 25 Nov 2021
One sided article by media yet again. Why is it not mentioned here that vaccinated CAN pass on the “virus/disease” to other vaccinated people ? How can it be acceptable to allow vaccinated people to mingle and pass on covid to each other yet we would allow the discrimination of many others as if they’re dirty or unclean? It’s common knowledge more vaccinated are getting sick and dying so there is no difference between one or the other. Everyone should have their own freedom to move and yes it is unconstitutional to try to stop that

Reply by Nick Nutter:
Hi Rachel, Thanks for the comment. All views respected.