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Visit Andalucia Post Coronavirus Measures for Recovery

Visit Andalucia Helping Business Recover

Helping Businesses to recover

With continued restrictions on travel and uncertainty about the future, business is tough. The economy will take months to recover. Visitors to the region will be reduced in numbers due to travel restrictions and loss of confidence. Many businesses will be unable to survive, many more will struggle. Many businesses within Andalucia, depend on the money that visitors spend whilst they are here. The Junta de Andalucia is actively promoting 'within Andalucia' tourism, in other words encouraging people who live in Andalucia to appreciate the many opportunities they have and to take advantage of them. Visit Andalucia is committed to helping to do just that.

Latest and Breaking News - Friday 2nd April 2021

Reyes Maroto presents Reactivatur, a website to access the grants available for the tourism sector. The Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, has presented at the 'Reactivatur' Tourism Sector Conference, a new website developed by Segittur to facilitate the search for available aid for the tourism sector at different levels of the Administration.

Reactivatur - full press announcement

Reactivatur website

Latest and Breaking News - Sunday 21st February 2021

Visit Andalucia Launch Turistico Bono Page All our partners in the tourist hospitality sector who are registered with the Andalucia Segura Scheme (Turistico Bono) can now be found in one place. Residents in Andalucia looking for accommodation in Andalucia now need to look no further than our Turistico Bono space.

There you will see everything you need to find accommodation with hotels and guest houses registered in the scheme, links to the travel agents through whom you should book your holiday, and a link to follow after your holiday to claim your refund.

If you operate a guest house or hotel then you will find the links that allow you to be registered in the Andalucia Segura register.

To appear on our Turistico Bono page you must have a FREE Business Page.

Touristico Bono Page

Hotels, Guest Houses, Register Here for your FREE Business Page

Latest and Breaking News - Friday 19th February 2021

Andalucia Segura Extended On Thursday 18th February 2021, Juan Marín Lozano, Vice President and Minister of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration announced that assistance offered to businesses in the tourist and hospitality sectors will be extended and broadened until the 9th December 2021. Tourists in Andalucia will now be eligible for up to 500 Euros discount on their holidays. Read the full report here.

Latest and Breaking News - Monday 15th February 2021

No Quarantine for Tourists to Spain Spain's tourism minister, Fernando Valdes, has announced that tourists entering Spain this sumer will not have to face a quarantine, including those arriving from Britain. Valdes said that a vaccine passport system or similar would be used and tried to reassure potential visitors by claiming that 70% of the adult population of Spain will be immune to the virus (presumably he means vaccinated), by summer.

Potential Lifeline for Businesses in the Hospitality Sector - Update 15th January 2021

New 1,000 euros of virus crisis aid in Andalucía for small businesses and the self-employed.
The Junta de Andalucía grants are aimed at maintaining activity in the commerce, crafts, hospitality and travel agency sectors that have been particularly badly hit by the worldwide pandemic. This is reported in SUR, to see the full article Click on this link

Free Advertising in 2021 - Update 11th January 2021

As we promised, today we announced our new measures to promote your business entirely free of charge during 2021. To see the full plan, Click on this link

Last Updated Monday 11th January 2021 - Tourism Statistics Report 2020

The National Statistics Institute’s have reported that 2020 was the worst year for tourism since the 1970's. See the Figures here.

Plans for the New Year 2021

Over the Christmas break we have been working on a way to offer all our partners, existing and new, free advertising on the Visit Andalucia website.
How we are to achieve this will be announced on Monday 11th January 2021
In the meantime here are four reports from (slightly biased) that offer hope for the tourism sector in Andalucia.

The Future of Travel (pdf)

Insights that Matter

Insights into Action

The Future is here

Our Strategy

Our social media strategy has been modified to reflect this changing world. The Visit Andalucia site is being heavily promoted within Andalucia and less so in other regions and countries. As travel restrictions ease we will expand our reach.

In this way we will uphold our guarantee of 60,000 impressions per year per advertiser.

We have made Visit Andalucia more 'Business Centric' to give even more exposure to our advertisers

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Update 9th November 2020 - JOIN our Facebook Groups

The latest lockdown is yet another blow to all businesses in Andalucia but we all know it will end someday. NOW is the time to prepare for that day. Join our Facebook groups and see our posts of new businesses joining us every day.

Update 12th October 2020 - The Economy in Andalucia Post Covid-19

Reflections on the new normal Reflections on the New Normal
Download the pdf
Dealing with Recovery Dealing with Recovery
Download the pdf