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Towns and villages in the province of Cádiz, Andalucia, Spain

Cadiz Province is in the very southwest of Andalucia with a coastline extending from the Atlantic Ocean at Sanlucar de Barrameda to the Mediterranean at Sotogrande. The coast is known as the Costa de la Luz, the coast of light, and is a favoured location for artists.

Historically the provincial capital, Cadiz, is the oldest city in Europe and has featured many times since then, not least as a major port for trade with the Americas following their discovery by Columbus which made it a magnet for characters like Sir Francis Drake who famously ‘Singed the King of Spain’s Beard’ there.

The province also hosts the ‘Sherry Triangle’, an area between Sanlucar de Barrameda, Jerez de la Frontera and Puerto de Santa Maria. The British were influential in the sherry industry forming partnerships with Spanish families that often led to marriages. That influence is still felt in the area.

Within the province there are no less than six Natural Parks including Los Alcornocales and Sierra de Grazalema, low mountain areas great for walking, birdwatching and mountainbiking. The areas are renowned for their flora and fauna and in the latter case, spectacular limestone karstic formations.

Málaga - Capital of the Province

The Greek geographer, Strabo, makes the first mention of a Greek settlement called Mainake and positioned it in southeast Spain somewhere around 800 BC. During the period 900 to 500 BC the Greeks and Phoenicians were expanding their trading networks. Both seafaring powers first established trade contacts. The Greeks then integrated with the local populace and Emporia, or trading stations, were built. It was possible for Emporia to grow into fully fledged Greek city states. It is unlikely that Mainake ever achieved full city status but it does have the distinction, according to Strabo, of being the furthest Emporia west from the Greek homelands. There must have been an amount of cooperation between the Greeks and Phoenicians since the latter had many more colonies and both traded with the Tartessians. The history of Mainake is a little blurred, nobody knows exactly where it was, how close to present day Málaga it was, when it was founded or how long it lasted. More....

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