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The province of Cádiz, Andalucia, Spain

Historical Guide to Cádiz city

Modern research indicates that Cádiz was founded on an island just off the western coast of Spain by Phoenicians from Tyre about 1104 BC. They called it Gadir or Agadir. The port was established sometime later in the 7th century BC and was to enable the Phoenicians to trade with the Tartessians who occupied the mainland. ... Read More

Visitors Guide to Cádiz city

Cádiz is reputed to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the Iberian Peninsula and probably in Western Europe. Today the city is divided into two parts, the old part north of the imposing city wall and the Puertas de Tierra and the modern city, south of the wall. Not surprisingly, Cádiz is packed with reminders of its long history all concentrated in a small area. ... Read More

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