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Living with Solar Power in Andalucia

Having solar panels installed and producing our own electricity has changed our lives

By Nick Nutter | Updated 20 Sep 2022 | Almería | Living In Andalucia | Login to add to YOUR Favourites or Read Later

With the constant increases in the price of electricity in Andalucia, we decided to look at becoming more eco friendly and saving money on our electricity consumption costs by installing solar panels. First, we needed to speak to an expert and, after some research, went to Ecocorp Solar based in Antas, Almeria.


February 2022

On the appointed day and, surprisingly for Spain, the right time, Vic Underwood from Ecocorp Solar, presented himself on our doorstep. He examined our roof to determine how many panels we could install. The more panels, the more electricity is produced. He also studied our previous electricity bills to see if it was worth the expense of having the panels for what we could save.

Inspection and Assessment

Since we are totally electric; no gas, no solid fuel, and have all the usual appliances including air conditioning plus the fact that our south facing roof was large enough (just) for the maximum number of panels, 12, it did not take long for Vic to calculate we would save a significant amount at current prices before any credit for us supplying the national grid.

He explained that, in addition to the solar panels, we would also have a new box on the wall, above the fuse box that would handle feeding electricity into the house from the solar panels plus any top up power needed at any particular time from the grid. It also looks after feeding any excess power produced by the solar panels back into the grid. Once the paperwork is completed we can look forward to being paid for each unit fed back to the grid which will offset the cost of any power we use from the grid.

Solar not always the best option

As a matter of interest, after our panels were fitted, a neighbour, interested in having solar panels on his own property, also contacted Ecocorp. The representative, after looking at our neighbour’s electricity bills, advised that the savings would not be great since our neighbour also has solid fuel fires for heating and gas for cooking and water heating.

4th May 2022

Not surprisingly, Ecocorp are busy and there was a three month waiting list for installation. However, a week was fixed and the date within that week was confirmed the week before. The installation has three parts, handled by three separate teams.

The work schedule

At 9.30am on the appointed day the holes for ducting and wires were drilled.
At 10 am the same day, the team arrived and fitted the solar panels.
At 11 am the same day, Bob arrived to wire up the junction box.
Bob also gave us instruction on how to use the app that allows us to monitor power consumption, power supplied by the solar panels and, in due course, how much ‘credit’ we have gained each day.
By 12.30 pm we were finished and power was feeding from our own solar panels into our house.

Changes to Lifestyle

Prior to the solar panels, we used as much cheaper rated power, at night and at weekends, for water heating, dishwasher, washing machine and so on. It soon became apparent that, even on a dull day, the solar panels could handle the load. We remain ‘in the black’ even when the air conditioning is on.

June 2022

Ecocorp Solar handle all the paperwork necessary for the installation and the contract with the power supplier. As soon as the solar panels are fitted, they reduce the amount of electricity used. In our case that amounted to about 80 Euros saved in May 2022. The next step is the contract after which we will gain ‘credit’ for excess power fed back to the grid. We may be waiting six months for that to happen. We anticipate that we will then be paying little more than the standing charge.

22nd June 2022

As it happened, we did not have to wait six months. On the 22nd June, we started to accumulate credit for unused electricity during the day to offset electricity used at night.

Storing energy 'On The Cloud'

We have also discovered that there is now, or shortly will be, a scheme whereby excess electricity credits can be accumulated over a period of one year rather than 24 hours. That means that unused credits will carry forward and can then be used during the winter when the solar panels will not be producing as much electricity.

11th July 2022

As anticipated, our electricity bill dropped to just the standing charge. We also signed up for the ‘cloud offer’. Good to go.

Linda Angeloni’s Experience

My husband & I had a similar experience to Nick. It started last October, when Ecocorp came to quote for our solar. Our panels were fitted in December and we are now reaping the rewards. Our last bill was just 20€, the standing charge. We are now signed up for the new virtual battery and looking forward to storing up energy for the winter months.

I was so impressed with Ecocorp that I started working for the company! I am very proud to be a part of this team.

Ecocorp Solar are profesional, knowledgeable and friendly and they will help you to save money.

Contact Ecocorp Solar for your FREE no obligation home assessment & quotation.
Tel: 950 096 166 / 671 716 597.
Showroom: Parque ‘El Real’ Antas, Almeria.

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  • Peter Neary - 2 Aug 2022
    Very efficient and helpful to all enquiries.