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Bubión in the Alpujarras

Bubión is one of the white villages in the Alpujarra region of Granada. It is one of the most beautiful villages in Span along with its neighbours, Capileira and Pampaneira.

By Nick Nutter | Updated 22 Sep 2022 | Granada | Villages | Login to add to YOUR Favourites Favourites Icon or Read Later

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Bubion in the Alpujarras

The Poqueira gorge with its cliff called El Barranco del Poqueira is one of the places of natural beauty most visited in Granada. In this magnificent gorge, that cuts into the mountain of Valeta, three villages, Capileira, Bubión and Pampaneira are considered some of the prettiest in Spain.

Visiting Bubión

Chimney and Balcony Chimney and Balcony

Chimney and Balcony

Bubión has become a focus for the tourists that visit this area each year, and a favourite place for Europeans to have a second home. They are attracted by the simple, typical, architecture of the Alpujarra villages; narrow streets, small whitewashed houses with the ubiquitous tall chimneys and flower laden balconies. With the Sierra Nevada mountains rearing up behind, it is hard to find a more idyllic place.

History of Bubión

Bubion village Bubion village

Bubion village

Bubión is thought to have been founded during the Roman period but it was during the later, Muslim period of al-Andalus that the village began to prosper with the introduction of the silk industry. The fertile valley, at a height of over 1,300 metres above sea level, was ideal for the mulberry trees on which the silk worms feasted. Producing the silk and weaving it into cloth was a cottage industry that is reflected today by the number of artisan shops in the village, some of which sell silk products.

Like many of the Alpujarrian villages, following the reconquest in the 15th century, the village participated in the rebellions by the Moriscos (Muslims supposedly converted to Christianity). The rebellions are known by two names, the 'War of the Alpujarras', reflecting the centre of the rebellion and the 'Morisco Revolt'. In the second rebellion, which started in December 1568, Bubión was one of the first villages of the Alpujarra to fall to the Catholic forces, after a major battle in the Poqueira valley. Following their defeat in 1571, almost all Moriscos were expelled from the province of Granada. The Moriscos from Bubión were partially replaced by Christian settlers from Galicia, León, Asturias and Castile.

Historic Artistic Centre

Bubión is considered a historic-artistic centre and also has a hotel built by the Junta de Andalucía, the "Villa Turística de Bubión". It is a good place from which to explore the Sierra Nevada National Park. The visitor will find a few café bars in the village along with a number of souvenir shops and a folk museum, the Casa Alpujarreña.

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