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Probably the most diverse, challenging and interesting of the 14 regions or “communities” that form modern Spain, Andalucia is the southernmost land area in mainland Spain, measuring around 565 kilometres east to west and 280 kilometres north to south. The familiar holiday destinations at Almeria, Málaga, Torremolinos, and Marbella lie in the well-developed Mediterranean coastal strip, with Huelva and Cádiz on the Atlantic coast, and Sevilla, Córdoba, Jaén, and of course Granada located inland. Andalucia is a large and varied land, where a more traditional Mediterranean lifestyle can still be found only a few kilometres from the coast.

As well as the well known tourist destinations, Visit Andalucia looks at the hidden Andalucia, the exciting Andalucia, parts of Andalucia rarely visited by the tourist. Many of these places are in the remote areas of the region, northern Jaen, northern Almeria, northern Cordoba, northern Seville and eastern Granada, places that barely register on the map.

Provincial cities, towns and villages in Andalucia, Spain

Almería Province

Almería province

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Cádiz province

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Córdoba province

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Granada province

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Huelva province

Jaén Province

Jaén province

Málaga Province

Málaga province

Seville Province

Seville province

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