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Tartessians in Andalucia

Tartessians and the land of Tartessos, fable, legend, myth or a true story? The only 'king' we have heard of is King Argathonius and he was reputed to have lived until he was 140 years of age and been king for eighty of those years. Some researchers have linked Tartessos with Atlantis, thereby doing Tartessos no favours in the credibility stakes. Others still search for the 'lost' city of Tartessos and the unimaginable wealth said to be buried there. It is hard to separate fact from fiction. 

However, what is known is that between the 9th centuries BC and the 4th century BC, there was a society living in the valleys of the Guadalette, Guadalquivir and Guadiana rivers, that extended its territory north into Extremadura and had eastern outposts as far east as Acinipo, near Ronda. Could they have been the Tartessians?