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Alhambra Museum

The Alhambra Museum is situated in the Charles V Palace, within the walls of the Alhambra in Granada. It is part of the Alhambra Palace complex that is free to enter

By Nick Nutter | Updated 1 Nov 2023 | Granada | Museums | Login to add to YOUR Favourites Favourites Icon or Read Later

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Royal Canal and road

The Museum houses the best collection of Nasrid Art in the world, with specimens coming from artefacts found during archaeological excavations and restored in the Alhambra, making a visit to the museum an ideal complement to a tour of the artistic-historical monumental complex. The first exhibit though is a section of the 'Royal Canal' that flowed beneath the 'Royal Road', that allowed easy access for pedestrians and water to the Puerta del Vino, the main entrance to the Medina of the Alhambra.

Relic from Madinat al-Zahra

Frieze on drinking trough Frieze on drinking trough

Frieze on drinking trough

Of particular interest is the solid marble drinking trough, looted from the ‘Shining City’, Madinat al-Zahra during the 11th century, and brought to the Alhambra. The frieze is a hunting scene with the Caliph represented by lions, attacking gazelles and other herbivorous creatures who represent the subjects. At least one knew one's place in the scheme of things.

Muslim Coinage

Muslim coinage Muslim coinage

Muslim coinage

The Muslim-Hispanic coinage system is well explained with examples of every coin for the numismatics amongst us.

Nazrid Portable throne

Nazrid folding throne Nazrid folding throne

Nazrid folding throne

My favourite piece in the museum is the Nazrid portable throne.

The Gazelle Vase

Replica of the Gazelle Vase Replica of the Gazelle Vase

Replica of the Gazelle Vase

In the next room is the magnificent 14th century ‘Gazelle Vase’.

The “Alhambra Vases” represented real symbols of power and luxury during the Nasrid Dynasty; they were exclusive items manufactured continually from the 13th to the 15th century, they were made for palaces and exported from Malaga to the East.

The Alhambra museum offers more insight into the past, particularly from the Muslim period, than the Archaeological Museum in Granada itself.

Visiting the Alhambra Museum and the Alhambra

The Alhambra Museum is located within the Alhambra complex and entry is free. You'll find it in the Palace Charles V on the south wing of the lower level of the Palace.

While the museum is free to enter, most of the Alhambra (including the impressive Nasrid Palaces) require a ticket to visit. It's immensely popular and tickets are often sold out so I highly recommend booking your Alhambra tickets in advance.

You can buy tickets and tour the palace complex on your own (use our guide to visiting the Alhambra to plan your visit) but if you're a history lover like me, you'll definitely appreciate going on a guided tour of the Alhambra. You'll learn more about the fascinating history of the palace, the personalities that lived there, discover architectural details, and much more. An Alhambra guided tour definitely heightened my appreciation for this magnificent monument!

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