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Best Gibraltar Day Tours for an Unforgettable Visit

Want an easy, stress-free way to visit Gibraltar on your Andalucia trip? Check out these Gibraltar day tours from Malaga/Costa del Sol, Seville, and Cadiz!

By Liza S. | Updated 15 Apr 2024 | Gibraltar | Cities | Login to add to YOUR Favourites Favourites Icon or Read Later

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Are you considering a day trip to Gibraltar? For a stress-free day out, nothing beats a Gibraltar day tour where all the logistics of the day are taken care of.

Are you considering a day trip to Gibraltar? For a stress-free day out, nothing beats a Gibraltar day tour where all the logistics of the day are taken care of.

Nestled at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, Gibraltar offers a blend of British and Mediterranean influences, dramatic landscapes, and rich history. Conveniently accessible from several major cities in southern Spain, including Malaga, Seville, and Cadiz, Gibraltar is an ideal destination for a memorable day tour.

In this article, we'll explore the best day tours from various Andalucian locations to Gibraltar, each offering unique experiences and sights. Whether you're departing from the bustling streets of Malaga or the historic charms of Seville, you'll find practical details for each tour offering, making it easier for you to choose the tour that fits your travel preferences.

Get ready to uncover the best tour options for an unforgettable visit to the captivating Rock of Gibraltar.

The Best Gibraltar Day Tours

The great thing about Gibraltar day tours is that they’re available from numerous starting points in Andalucia, whether you’re by the coast or further inland. Below, we highlight the best day tours to Gibraltar, both group tours and private tours.

These Gibraltar day tours all include round-trip transportation for a 100% stress-free day out. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the day!

Gibraltar Day Tours From Malaga & Costa del Sol

Lighthouse at Europa Point, Gibraltar Lighthouse at Europa Point, Gibraltar

Lighthouse at Europa Point, Gibraltar

1. Excursion to Gibraltar from Malaga and Costa del Sol (Group Tour)

⭐️ Rating: 4.4/5 | ⌛Tour Length: 9 to 10 Hours | ⏰ Start Time: Starting from 7.15am, depending on specific pick-up point

This Gibraltar day tour by starts from various points along the Costa del Sol, including Malaga, Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Marbella, and Estepona, making it accessible for tourists staying in any of these vibrant coastal cities.

I’ve personally taken this tour (read my full review here) and can recommend it for an easy excursion to Gibraltar from Costa del Sol. There are numerous pick-up points along the coast which makes it very convenient. No matter if you’re staying in Benalmadena or Estepona, there’s a pick-up point for you.

I also like that you get flexibility in the tour options. You can choose a 100% free-and-easy day where you explore on your own. Or you can add on a 1.5h Rock Tour to see Gibraltar’s highlights or go on a dolphin-watching cruise. Along the way, you’ll have the guidance of a local guide who’ll share practical information about the excursion as well as what to see and do in Gibraltar.

Overall, this Gibraltar day tour offers great value for a money and it’s a super convenient way to visit Gibraltar without having to worry about the logistics of the day.

This tour is very popular so it’s recommended to book this tour in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons, to secure your spot.

This day tour from Malaga and the Costa del Sol to Gibraltar is an ideal choice for those looking to combine scenic views, unique wildlife encounters, and historical exploration in a single, memorable day trip. Whether you’re a history buff, nature lover, or simply seeking a day of adventure, this tour promises a rich and engaging experience.

➡️ Check rates and availability for this tour

2. Private Excursion to Gibraltar from Malaga

⭐️ Rating: - | ⌛Tour Length: 8 to 10 Hours | ⏰ Start Time: Flexible (8.00am to 10.00am)

If you're seeking a more personalised and intimate experience while exploring Gibraltar, this private excursion from Malaga to Gibraltar might be just what you need.

This private tour is ideal if you prefer a more individualised approach. It allows for a flexible itinerary, making it possible to adjust the day according to your personal interests and pace, which is a significant advantage over the standard group tours.

This private excursion generally lasts about 8 to 10 hours, depending on the specific interests and requests of the group. Transportation is provided in a private, air-conditioned vehicle directly from your accommodation in Malaga or nearby locations on the Costa del Sol.

The cost varies based on the number of participants and specific tour customisations. It typically includes private transportation and the services of a personal guide throughout the day. Do note that entrance fees to attractions like St. Michael's Cave are not included but you can add them on for the full experience of Gibraltar.

Opting for a private excursion from Malaga to Gibraltar offers a bespoke travel experience, allowing for a deeper exploration of Gibraltar’s unique attractions at your own pace and with the exclusive attention of your guide. This type of tour is ideal for families, couples, or small groups looking for a more tailored, relaxed day out.

➡️ Check rates and availability for this tour

Seville to Gibraltar Day Tours

St Michael's Cave St Michael's Cave

St Michael's Cave

1. From Seville: Full-Day Trip to Gibraltar (Group Tour)

⭐️ Rating: 4.3/5 | ⌛Tour Length: 10 Hours | ⏰ Start Time: 9.00am

This full-day tour from Seville to Gibraltar allows you to experience the fascinating blend of British and Mediterranean cultures in Gibraltar. The well-planned itinerary ensures that you’ll enjoy a comprehensive visit to the area's most famous sites.

The tour begins at the pick-up point behind the Murillo Gardens in Seville’s historic centre. With a local guide, you’ll travel by mini-bus, transitioning from the rolling hills of Andalucia to the dramatic landscapes of Gibraltar.

Upon arrival in Gibraltar, you’ll tour around the territory’s main attractions including the Rock of Gibraltar, St Michael’s Cave, and Apes’ Den, home to Gibraltar's famous Barbary macaques.

After the tour, you’ll have about 2 hours of free time to explore Main Street and other sites in Gibraltar that interest you before heading back to Seville.

“Our trip to the Rock of Gibraltar today was truly worth it! Taking a day trip from Seville lasting nearly 2.5 hours, we were delighted by the wonderful experience led by our friendly and knowledgeable guide, Alberto. A trip can be greatly impacted by the guide's approachability, and Alberto excelled in this aspect. He guided us through all the main points, providing clear explanations and setting expectations for the day before we even arrived in Gibraltar. Once in Gibraltar, we took a separate bus ride as we had travelled from Seville.” - Supriya (See more reviews or book your tour now)

This day tour from Seville to Gibraltar is an excellent option for those looking to explore the unique cultural and natural highlights of Gibraltar while based in Andalucia. It offers a deep dive into the area’s rich history and provides ample opportunities to enjoy its natural beauty and distinct atmosphere.

➡️ Check rates and availability for this tour

2. Gibraltar Day Trip from Seville (Small Group or Private Tour)

⭐️ Rating: 5/5 | ⌛Tour Length: 10 Hours | ⏰ Start Time: 8.00am

Exploring Gibraltar from Seville has never been more convenient or insightful than with this day tour, perfect for those who want to delve into the history and natural beauty of Gibraltar while based in Seville.

This is a small group tour of up to 8 persons, making it a more intimate and cosy experience compared to the bigger tour groups. You also have the option to make it a completely private tour, if you prefer.

Upon arrival in Gibraltar, you’ll enjoy a guided visit to the iconic Rock of Gibraltar, renowned for its stunning views over the Mediterranean and the entrance to the Atlantic. The journey up the Rock is accompanied by a knowledgeable local guide who provides insights into the area’s natural and historical significance.

You’ll encounter the famous Barbary macaques at the Apes’ Den, providing a close-up experience with these intriguing animals in their natural habitat. Another significant highlight is the visit to St. Michael's Cave, where the dramatic lighting reveals fascinating rock formations.

The tour also includes a stop at Europa Point, the southernmost point of Gibraltar, where one can gaze across the Strait of Gibraltar towards North Africa.

After the tour, you’ll have about 2 hours to explore Gibraltar on your own before making your way back to Seville, after a day well spent.

“Alfonso, our driver in Spain, as well as Luis, our tour guide in Gibraltar, were both excellent and made the trip come alive with their knowledge and insights. Seeing Gibraltar was a fantastic experience, and I highly recommend this trip.” - Jacob (See more reviews or book your tour now)

This day tour typically lasts around 10 hours, with early departure from Seville and late return, ensuring a full day of exploration. You’ll also get a direct pick-up and drop-off at your Seville hotel.

This day tour from Seville to Gibraltar is perfect for those looking to combine cultural depth with scenic adventures, offering a day filled with exploration and discovery. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or a nature lover, this tour promises a rich blend of both, all while providing a hassle-free and educational experience.

➡️ Check rates and availability for this tour

Gibraltar Day Tours From Cadiz Province

Gibraltar's famous resident monkeys Gibraltar's famous resident monkeys

Gibraltar's famous resident monkeys

1. From Cadiz/El Puerto/Jerez: Gibraltar Sightseeing Day Trip

⭐️ Rating: 4.3/5 | ⌛Tour Length: 9.5 Hours | ⏰ Start Time: 8.00am

Discover the intriguing British enclave of Gibraltar on this exciting tour from the province of Cadiz. This excursion includes a fun 1.5-hour tour of the Rock itself, giving participants a deep dive into its history and natural beauty.

This day tour from Cadiz is tailored for those looking to thoroughly explore Gibraltar's most significant and visually striking features. It's perfect for history buffs and nature enthusiasts alike, offering a close look at Gibraltar’s key attractions while providing expert insights into its storied past.

With pick-up points in Cadiz, Jerez, and El Puerto, this is the ideal day tour option if you’re based in these areas.

The tour kicks off with a scenic drive from Cadiz to Gibraltar. Upon arrival, you'll embark on a 1.5-hour guided tour of the Rock of Gibraltar. This tour covers various essential sites including the Upper Rock nature reserve, where you can encounter the famous Barbary macaques in their natural habitat at the Apes’ Den.

You'll also visit St. Michael's Cave, renowned for its impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations, and often illuminated for dramatic effect. Another highlight is the scenic viewpoint at Europa Point, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, and on clear days, even Africa.

“My guide Bea and the driver were excellent. Punctuality and responsibility. Comfortable transportation. The guide is very friendly, with good knowledge and always attentive to clarifying doubts.” - Yendry (See more reviews or book your tour now)

This Gibraltar tour from the province of Cadiz is ideal for those who want an in-depth exploration of the Rock’s most famous sites, all while learning about the area’s unique cultural and historical context. It’s a perfect blend of natural beauty and historical exploration, plus a stress-free day out without having to plan your itinerary.

➡️ Check rates and availability for this tour

2. From Jerez: Gibraltar Full Day Tour

⭐️ Rating: 4.4/5 | ⌛Tour Length: 9 Hours | ⏰ Start Time: 10.00am

If you’re based in Jerez, then this Gibraltar full-day tour from Jerez could be the best option for you.

Ideal for travellers interested in experiencing the rich blend of cultural and historical elements along with natural attractions in Gibraltar, you’ll experience Gibraltar’s key landmarks and get insightful commentary on the area's fascinating history and geography from your local guide.

Upon arriving in Gibraltar, your visit typically begins with a visit to the Rock of Gibraltar. The Rock tour includes a stop at the Apes’ Den, where you can see Gibraltar's famous Barbary macaques up close in their natural habitat. You’ll also visit St. Michael's Cave, an awe-inspiring natural grotto known for its dramatic stalactite and stalagmite formations.

After the Rock tour, you’ll have free time to walk around Main Street for lunch and shopping.

With round-trip transportation from Jerez, guide services, and tickets all in, you can just sit back and enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable day in Gibraltar.

This day tour from Jerez to Gibraltar is perfect for anyone interested in delving into the rich history and vibrant natural scenery of Gibraltar, offering a well-rounded experience with both guided and free time to explore.

➡️ Check rates and availability for this tour

3. Private Day Trip Gibraltar and Vejer from Cádiz

⭐️ Rating: 4.5/5 | ⌛Tour Length: 8 Hours | ⏰ Start Time: 9.00am

For an unforgettable day out, consider this private tour of Gibraltar and Vejer de la Frontera from Cadiz.

This tour offers an exceptional opportunity to explore two of southern Spain's most distinctive places: the iconic Rock of Gibraltar and the picturesque town of Vejer de la Frontera. It's perfect for those who appreciate both natural beauty and historical richness, providing a comprehensive experience of the area's diverse attractions.

The day starts with a direct pick-up from your hotel. In Gibraltar, you'll visit the famous Rock of Gibraltar via cable car (tickets included). Here, you’ll enjoy a guided tour where you’ll learn about the military significance of the location and visit major sites like St. Michael's Cave and the Great Siege Tunnels.

You’ll also have time to enjoy lunch in Gibraltar.

Following the visit to Gibraltar, you’ll head to Vejer de la Frontera, one of Andalucia’s most picturesque white towns. Here, you can wander through cobblestone streets, explore ancient walls and enjoy the traditional Andalusian architecture.

The tour includes a walk through the town’s historic centre, offering insights into its Moorish past and the chance to see key landmarks such as the Divino Salvador Church. You’ll also have a chance to try Moroccan tea.

“Gabriella was an amazing tour guide and she provided us with a charming and unique experience with these visits to Gibraltar and to the White Town of Vejer. From the moment she met us and all throughout the day, she provided very engaging conversation and information. Yes, it was a cloudy time on Gibraltar, but the experience was still wonderful thanks to Gabriella's spirit and knowledge of all Gibraltar history. And yes, we did get to experience the Apes! The drive to Vejer was scenic, as is the small city itself. We were shown its beauty and history as we walked the streets and peeked inside some (of) its structures. Before our tour, we contacted the tour operator using the Viator App to confirm location pickup. We received a very timely response and felt immediately comfortable for the excursion before us. The entire experience was very memorable and if you are lucky enough to have Gabriella as your guide, you will find this an especially great excursion!” - Daniel (See more reviews or book your tour now)

This private day tour from Cadiz to Gibraltar and Vejer de la Frontera is ideal for travellers who want to maximise their experience by visiting two culturally and historically rich destinations in one day.

The combination of Gibraltar's dramatic natural scenery and military history with Vejer’s quaint, labyrinthine streets and white-washed buildings offers a vivid contrast that captures the essence of southern Spain’s diverse heritage.

➡️ Check rates and availability for this tour

What About Gibraltar Day Tours from Granada?

Ape's Den, Gibraltar Ape's Den, Gibraltar

Ape's Den, Gibraltar

If you’re based in Granada, unfortunately there aren’t any great day tour options. This is mostly because Granada is 3 hours away which makes it too far to be viable as an enjoyable day tour.

A day tour would have to be over 10 hours to give you enough time in Gibraltar itself and you’d spend over 6 hours on the road… which wouldn’t be very worth it.

Instead, it’s best to plan Gibraltar as a day trip from either Malaga/Costa del Sol, Seville or Cadiz.

Gibraltar Day Tours: Last Thoughts

I hope this guide has helped you decide on a Gibraltar day tour to add to your Andalucia itinerary!

Most Gibraltar day tours have very similar itineraries, so it can come down to what type of tour experience you prefer. For many travellers (me included!), a group tour is often a great option as it’s budget-friendly and offers great value for money. And with a mix of guided experiences and free time, you can get the best of both worlds.

But if you prefer a more personalised experience or if you’re travelling as a group, a private tour to Gibraltar could be the better option. The excursion will be completely catered to your preferences and you’ll have the exclusive attention of your guide.

Regardless of which Gibraltar day tour you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the unique appeal of this British territory.

Buen viaje!

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